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Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by cinderlexa's mom, Dec 25, 2009.

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    Can you help figure this out?:goodvibes This is a room only reservation. Using credit card(s) for payment.

    Situation: DH & DSIL want to split the cost of MIL's room at Polynesian. How is this most easily done? What do we say at check-in so the CM will understand what we're trying to do? There's more...

    ALSO, we'd like MIL to use her own credit card for her KTTW card charging privledges. PLUS our nephew is staying in her room too, so we'd like to set it up at check-in so that his KTTW charging privledges go on his CC. Maybe we should ask for a supervisor from the start, LOL. Will this be complicated or cause a lot of problems? We really want to make sure the cost of the room doesn't go on MIL's CC that is set up for charging privledges...AND that MIL and nephew's KTTW charges don't get mixed together.

    :worship:Thank you for any replies.
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    I install hotel front desk computer software, so I think I can guide you a bit here.

    Some of the things you want are easy, some might not work, but here we go:

    At check-in, tell the front desk that you would be paying for your MIL's room on 2 different cards. Have them charge the cards for the stay right at check in, half to one card and half to another. What you want to say to the people at the front desk is you want to Pre-Pay for the room. That way it will be done with and the payment will show as an advanced deposit on the room. If you made the reservation, you could even do it on the phone before you check in. That ends any surprises delays at check-in. Room is done.

    That was the easy part. Now for room charges. There can only be one credit card set up for room charges. There really isn't way to split charges on one room's bill like you want. The keys are not coded to individual credit cards, just to the one on the folio (bill). The software on the front desk computers just won't do that.

    The easy solution - have the nephew charge things to his credit card, not to his room key OR have him settle up his charges at the front desk before checking out so MIL's card only is charged for her charges.

    Hope that helps. Never hurts to ask at check in, but be braced for a wait as they figure out it that it probably can't be done.
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    Disney will only put one CC on the room folio.

    But you can easily accomplish what you are after. What you can do is the night before you leave, stop at the front desk and get a listing of the room charges. Run down the list and figure out who owes how much. Have the front desk charge $x to your card right then and also $y to their card.
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    Even though you can only associate one CC to the room for charging, each KTTW card has a different end digit, so in reviewing your room charges you know exactly whose card was used for the charge.

    You can tally the nephew's charges and pay them at the desk on his CC the night before you check out. Then all other charges will be charged to the other card overnight when they process the final payments. This would work as long as the nephew does NOT use his KTTW card for charging after he settles up, and that all his charges have been posted. Sometimes there is a delay of a few hours for the stores/restaurants to post their charges, but for the most part they show up fairly soon after the room charge is made.
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    Frequent poster TheRustyScupper, a Disney CM, has posted facts that contradict everything above.

    He's frequently posted that you ask at the front desk for them to set up a "SHARE" for the room. This allows two separate credit/debit cards to each have separate charging privileges for individuals staying in the same room.

    he has frequently posted that if the front desk CM says it can't be done, that he/she should check the Front Desk Manual and/or check with a supervisor (it was a different "Disney" word for one or two levels of management).

    And furthermore, I recall in the past few months at least one person who posted that she followed TheRustyScupper's instructions and successfully set up a "SHARE" during the trip she'd just returned from.

    So it definitely CAN be done.

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