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  1. giggle33

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    Mar 22, 2011
    hey i recently auditioned for the disney character performer role for the college program i still havent heard back from them so im assuming it didnt work out but i hope to try again when i get down their cause i did get accepted for attractions my question is I have four years of forensics competitive drama training under my belt so ive memorized many 10 min speeches I also am an actor in college and a character actor and am really good at improv, currently on a troupe, and coming up with characters on the spot and being over the top im curious cause its been a dream of mine to work on a ride like the great movie ride as a spiel giver and im wondering can I enquire about the attraction on check in? cause I think my abilities would be greatly used their and I really want it haha Im coming down june 6th and doing the fall advantage any help you can give me would be greatly appriciated id also love working jungle cruise or the kilamanjaro safari thank you for any help
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    Mar 10, 2011
    Disney assigns CPs to their location a few weeks before they get there, so asking at check in would be too late. You can e-mail a request to recruiting about where you'd like to work but nothing is guaranteed.

    Also keep in mind if they do place you in one of those locations they will just assign you to the area, then it's up to the area to assign you to your attraction. so if you ask for jungle cruise, they may go ahead and place you in adventure land. then the area might put you in any of the attractions there, so you could end up at Aladdin's carpets.
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    Sep 17, 2010
    Just like Practically.Perfect mentioned, you are set in an area. The entire attractions area for Jungle Cruise is 'Ad/Lib', for Adventure Land and Liberty Square. If you were to be put somewhere TODAY, chances are they would place you on either Pirates or Jungle, since those are (or were) the ones needing the most assistance. I see new people training in Jungle every day. :)

    Now, I am a PT CM. So I don't know all of the CP sign-up stuff. When I received a job in attractions, they sent me to the area and I had no say in what attraction I would be placed at. It's all about what they need at the time. In the interview they did ask if I could spiel and I answered 'Yes'. But being on a spiel ride obviously doesn't mean you are spieling all day long on a boat. (Or a car, if you are in GMR, Backlot Tour, Disney Junior... etc.) You'll be put in rotations for other positions as well. (Fastpass Return, Greeter, Wheelchair Assist, Loading and Unloading to name a few) And even when spieling - The spiel is not the most important part. It's the safety of the guests. :) So no playing bumper boats.

    Good luck!
  4. t-ho

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    Mar 11, 2011
    There are other attractions and things that have spiels , but are just a bit shorter, in fact all attractions have some little thing to say. Toy Story Mania, Star Tours, and a few at Epcot at the least have a lists of instructions and cute themed statements. It sounds simple, but if you have that personally you say you have, you can really roll with the humor or something, especially if you have lenient managers. Or you can be like me and work Main Entrance Ops. I'll deliver narration as I drive around the parking lot giving out facts like how the parking lot of Epcot is bigger than Magic Kingdom at Disneyland :P

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