Spent 10 Days @ Portofino in a Butler Room


Earning My Ears
Jun 22, 2000
We spent 10 days at the Portofino in a Butler Room. We were next door to a large suite and had an opportunity to tour a couple of the suites. Housekeeping was unbelievable. They told us several stories about the guests that have stayed in those suites. Who needs the Enquirer!!!! Just received my Loews Platinum card for my future stays. We took advantage of the cabanas, Health Spa and more. The Butler breakfast that was brought to our room every morning could have fed about 20 people. When we arrived we were greeted with a bottle of wine, a fruit basket, a free CD and bottled water. The service was exceptional. If I could answer any questions please feel free to ask as I will try to answer.
Exactly what is a butler room and would you be willing to divulge your room rate?
A Butler room is your basic Villa room except you had the convience of a butler 24 hr/day. This entitled you to a morning breakfast,evening cocktails and hors d'oeuvres and cordials later in the evening with your turn down service. They also arranged for room service, dining reservations, theater tickets, transportation, childcare, cleaning and pressing of clothes as well as the unpacking and packing of your luggage.
You were able to easily contact them using their cell numbers. They arranged for the cleaning of your rooms at a time convenient to you. The rooms are costly and I believe the current rates start somewhere around $400/night. We did get a very good rate of $297.48/ night because we had made our reservations a long time ago. We also had a 2 for 1 certificate which entitled us to a free night for every paid night. We paid for 5 nights but stayed for 10.
Char , how in the world did you get a 2 for 1 certificate and what is this about the Lowes Platnium card? How do you get one and what are the benefits?
Also, sounds like a butler room is like concierge?? Is all the food you mentioned included in the room rate?

Puffy2, to make a long story short we received the certificate to compensate us for the delayed grand opening of the Portofino in 1999. We had reservations for their opening day.
I applied for the Loews First Card through their internet site (www.loewshotels.com) Check out their site it will explain everything. Membership is free so it pays to join.
Butler rooms are somewhat like conceirge but you are pampered a lot more. The butler breakfast, evening cocktails and hors d'oeuvres, cordials as well as a sweet treat in the evening was included in the price. One evening the sweet treat was a swan made of chocolate and filled with an assortment of more chocolates. Our children received virgin strawberry daiquiris as well as a platter of fresh baked cookies. Always included were fresh flowers. It was a sight to behold. Only draw back was tipping. It got rather expensive.
Hi Char,

What a dream, 10 days at Portofino and a Butler Suite to boot! Lucky you :D Did you happen to eat at Delfino's by chance? I was recently at Portofino also and didnt have a chance to eat there. I was wondering what I missed! Thanks :D

We did make reservations, however, when we told our kids they had to get dressed it just wasn't worth the battle. When we go back next year our kids will be older and hopefully appreciate it.

Darn! Thanks for the reply. I wish I could read one post from someone who has eaten here :(
We didnt go because they were closed on sunday and monday :eek: I will get there next time! I hope :D

What a dream to stay in a butler suite. We just returned from PBH and loved our stay. We also stayed at WL and have decided that PBH will be where we stay in all future trips.
We had DLX Bay View room 3131, 1st floor walked out of our french doors and were about 30-40 ft from dock. We couldn't have asked for a better location. Loved sitting on our chairs on porch and talk to everyone getting off of boat. Can't say enough about PBH, room was lovely and large, so much bigger than WDW hotel rooms.
Ate at Delfino and Tralfiano (spelling off), wonderful food and service. I have been an avid WDW lover for many yrs but have had a change of heart this trip. Portofino you've exceeded my expectations.
So share with us some of the guest stories that they told you about the guests who have stayed in the suites!!!
Jon360, the second largest suite in the hotel was right next to our room. During our stay a
prominent family from South America was staying there for 4 nights. The couple refused to have
their children in their suite so they had also occupied a smaller 2 bedroom suite for their nanny
and 2 children. This suite was unbelievable. The bathroom off the master bedroom had a large
jacuzzi tub with mirrored walls, TV, separate shower(about the size of the whole bathroom in a
Villa room), linen closet that contained about 20-30 towels and a large vanity. It took 2-4 women
to clean this suite in approx. 4 hours.
Also during our stay the head of Universal Studios stayed in this room for one night. To prepare
for his stay, it took housekeeping over 8 hours to prepare for him. Glasses were checked for
finger prints, every piece of cutlery in the kitchen had to be polished, walls washed, baseboards
cleaned, every possible corner in the room had to be dust free.
Guests that stayed in this suite in the past were Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Steven
Spielberg, George Bush and Family, Johnny Carson's sidekick (Ed ?), and many more. I can't say
too much because I would not like to get housekeeping in trouble but things that have been said in
the Enquirer are not far off. You see, housekeeping has been told not to speak to guests unless
spoken to. Even when you leave a tip for housekeeping it is not always taken. Housekeeping
truly appreciates the tips and you will always find little or big extra gifts in your rooms.
One more thing I forgot to mention. On the fifth floor they have a suite that has a baby grand
piano. This suite was occupied by some Sheik a while back. He complained that the room was
too small so he had management knock down a few walls before his arrival so his son could have
a video room for his video games. He also requested that all furniture be removed and replaced
by special rugs that the sheik had brought along with him. The Portofino certainly goes out of
their way to accommodate their guests.


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