Special Western cruises - itinerary


DIS Veteran
Oct 9, 2000
We're going on the cruise that stops 2 times at CC. Does anyone know what the dining plans on for those cruises? I mean, like the pirate/mexican dinenr, which night is formal, semi-formal, when character breakfast is? That type of stuff...

And if anyone has any ideas on how to pass the next 444 days, I'd appreciate it. I am going crazy!!!



DIS Veteran
Aug 14, 2003
I am on a "special" itinerary too with the 2 stops at CC. I also am interested in knowing. I wonder if it's in the new passporter? We may just have to wait and see.
Anyone have any ideas?? :flower:

P.S. Sorry, can't help with the 444-I can't wait to get my new passporter, I think that will help ease the pain!


Kids Get Arthritis Too!
Oct 8, 2001
we are cruising this thanksgiving week - special itinerary with two stops at CC - on Sunday and Friday

for our cruise, and I"m assuming yours, the dining themes/rotations, etc will be the same as on the regular itinerary. I don't believe theme nights change so whatever the regular rotation is will be yours. Are you Western?

i feel your pain -- we booked our trip last July and it was FOREVER!! are you going thanksgiving 2006? for us it seemed real and true at the turn of the year, 2005, that we'd be sailing.

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