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    Jan 30, 2002
    I guess this posted "thank you" is a long time coming but this is my first time on the boards. In October of 2001 my husband, and 2 friends of ours went to WDW for a week. While there, I saw CMs wearing a pin in the shape of Mickey's Head (with USA colors). I didn't realize how hard they would be to find but given the events of 9/11, they were no where to be found. I was told by every employee I asked that the pin was sold out and they had no idea when they would be getting them in. My son and his wife recently moved to Orlando (they both love Disney as much as we do), so I gave him orders that his mission was to get his mother that pin (that is, if I didn't get one before I left). After resigning myself to the fact that I wouldn't be getting one, all of us went to Animal Kingdom for the day. While we were at the Tiger Exhibit, one of the CMs told us to stick around because one of the trainers would be doing a behavior with the tigers. We did stay and chatted with the trainer who also explained the behavior she was about to do with the tigers - very interesting. After the behavior, we stayed around and chatted some more - My husband noticed that she had one of the pins that I had been looking for - I explained to her how long we had been looking for one - she then gave me her pin. I couldn't believe it - I was so excited by her kind gesture. I didn't want to take her pin but she insisted and said that she had 2. I gave her a hug and thanked her. I also went to guest services when we left to make sure that she was recognized for her generosity. I sent her an e-mail thankyou as soon as I got home and made a donation to "Save the Tigers", but I guess I just wanted everyone else to know what she did.

    So Lois, if you happen to read this, thank you again and I still wear my pin proudly.

    Thank you again.

    AandBs MOM

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