special fanny packs?

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  1. martysmom

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    Apr 1, 2006
    What kind of fanny pack does everyone have? Are there special ones for running so they don't bounce all over the place? Where did you get them? This message board inspired me to sign up for my first race, the Minnie!
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    Dec 17, 2004
    Welcome, martysmom!

    come join us in the Walking/Running Club! We actually discussed waist packs on the first page of the thread this week. There'll be several of us at WDW for the Minnie...we'd love to have you as part of the team!

  3. Kristi1357

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    Aug 15, 2000
    I just bought one at a local running store. I think it is made of neoprene. My DH always runs a race with an old Disney World fanny pack, but I thought this looked smaller and less sweaty. I think it cost $24.
  4. DianeL

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    May 1, 2002
    Hi :)

    I added what we use to the weekly list but here is a link to what we use...


    Like everything even these are going to be a personal decision. Susan had hers first and when I went looking for mine I called around to the running shops and was told by one that they had found their runners (clients) didn't care for it, something about how the flasks fit in their cradles which I admit can sometimes be difficult. When we ice the bottles during warmer temps they are tougher to get in but they do. For Susan and I this system fits our needs.

    My belt (which came sized, Susan's was a fit all style) as well as Susan's came with 4 fluid flasks and a small pouch. Here is what I like about them. When it's hot you might want all 4 or just 1 in the cold. It's easy to fit the cradles on and off. They sell gel flasks which holds just under 4 powergel packets. And I bought the larger pouch even though the belt came with the small pouch. I carry my cell phone and keys so the larger pouch just held these better with a gel. The small pouch held them too but just a tigher fit leaving me with worries the velcro would give and my keys would fall out I wouldn't know it till the car, never happened but I worry :)

    For the Half we both carried 1 water flask, 1 flask filled with gatoraid and 1 gel flask along with our pouches which had a Sport Bean (I never touched mine but was tempted pre-race as I was starving LOL) But it gave us a place put our roomkey and I carried my cell phone too. We train with the belts so it wasn't a big deal and it's funny how used to them we get and how naked you feel going without them. On a recent 1.25 mile walk with the dog I didn't need it, tossed my keys in my jeans and was it ever weird to be at my park in jeans and no waterbelt LOL

    Check them all out and see which will fit the bill best for you :)

    Happy training!!!!

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