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    Hi there, We'll be in WDW next year on Easter Sunday and I read that there are certain restaurants that serve an Easter brunch such as Chef Mickey's and The Wave over at the CR. I was wondering if the Easter bunny shows up at any of the character breakfasts on Easter like at the Crystal Palace or Chef Mickey's, and what special touches or foods do they bring out for the brunch? How late can you generally book the brunch? I'd love to plan something special as this will most likely be our only time being in the World for Easter as our spring break happens to fall during this time! Or if you know of any other restaurants in the MK or Epcot area that serve a special Easter meal, I'd love to hear about it! Thanks if you can help! I was hoping those of you that just got back from Easter would have this info fresh in your minds so you could offer some advice! :thumbsup2
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    Info for these is at

    Nothing mentions an Easter bunny appearance at a meal. I think he does appear in the MK parade, and does meet and greets there.

    Epcot used to have a special Easter brunch, but it was discontinued in 2009.

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