SPACE SUIT: who needs one and who can gift one

Discussion in 'Virtual Traders Market' started by Maleficent2, Oct 12, 2005.

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  1. Maleficent2

    Maleficent2 DIS Veteran

    Sep 15, 1999
    Since we did so well with the other thread and maybe some DIS folks who are very talented Game wise and have won multis of the Space suit might want to gift them....

    Please post.

    I know it is early yet and some might want to try and win this on their own but just in case....

    I may need one since level two is as far as I have gotten ;) but I am going to keep trying......wish me luck :rotfl2: :rotfl2: :rotfl2:

    PLease only ask for a gift if you can not win this game on your own and do not own a space suit already...also don't trade your space suit then come here asking to be gifted another one that too is unfair.

    Here is the list of DISers who need the SPACE SUIT in order that they posted...I will adjust their names as they are gifted(please let me know if you gift a player or player let me know if you receive a gift...thanks)Also let me know if I missed anyone(only human;) )

    Maleficent2 WOOT gifted by Cheezeman05
    Chickysmom Woot gifted by Daisypaws
    BurritoBaby gifted by Daisypaws Woot Woot
    Kitashus Woot Gifted by DaisyPaws!and KingHusky for her DS
    Polysisterchick Woot gifted by DippyDawg/KingHusky
    Disneyfanlv WOOT gifted by KingHusky!!!
    Wendot traded for one
    Aeryn Woot Gifted by KingHusky!
    PirateDragon gifted by KingHusky Woot
    Scampi/FairyDust gifted by KingHusky Woot
    SoraNecross-needs helmet?
    Captain Brain gifted by Kinghusky Woot
    Sonya Gifted by KingHusky WOOT WOOT
    MaliaMike Gifted by KingHusky! WOOT
    x13igDudex12WON HIS OWN WOOT WOOT will gift as soon as he wins another
    Nautilus Woot KingHusky gifted
    BlueSomebody gifted by KingHusky!!!WOOT WOOT
    WDW2004WDW Gifted by King Husky
    FlyingPegasus gifted by AZCat
    CatHerder Gifted by KingHusky Woot Woot
    MiaKodaWDW gifted by King Husky
    LittleBelle Daisypaws gifted her Woot
    Iris Gifted by her DS!!!WOOT WOOT
    luvthattink gifted by a DIS kid! Woot
    DocHT gifted by AZ_Cat WOOT
    Raccyn gifted by CL_TinkerBlue WOOT
    HollyJoy gifted by Petzer/DaisyPaws
    VirtuallyMe Woot gifted by AZCat
    disvaclub92 gifted by LisainNC
    CoolTigerLily gifted by DaisyPaws Woot
    ChiaBob gifted by unknown person
    OnceUponAStar* gifted by KingHusky Woot
    MakeMineMusic-Ears gifted by Wendot WOOT!
    joece gifted by DaisyPaws WOOT!
    riccio13 gifted by KingHusky Woot
    milkabum gifted KingHusky Woot
    ToonDude/BuddyGenie Gifted by Snug Woot
    MissGaLinda gifted by AZCat Woot
    Waffleman gifted by KingHusky Woot
    Jackoman gifted by KingHusky Woot
    bocabryan has suit
    goofyandplutoluver got one in trade
    McHootle gifted by KingHusky Woot
    Nickso gifted by King Husky Woot!
    Princelegolas gifted by KingHusky Woot
    BriarRosie gifted by LisainNC
    Arielfn93 gifted by DaisyPaws WOOT!
    Charliez gifted by DaisyPaws WOOT!
    disneymiss & son Gifted by KingHusky! Woot
    buzz2400 Gifted by KingHusky! Woot
    purplegoddess gifted by DaisyPaws! Woot
    LuvN~travel Gifted by KingHusky! Woot
    pokemon_master WOOT won one himself!
    Dis-Wiz got one from their Dad Woot!
    Alyce Gifted by KingHusky! Woot
    Shadowball242 gifted by DaisyPaws WOOT!
    deepshadow gifted by DaisyPaws WOOT!
    Tinkerbelle2992 gifted by DaisyPaws WOOT!gifted by AZCat will pass on
    tigeressjewel gifted by AZCat Woot
    piratesmate WON one at DIS GAME SHOW!!! WOOT
    elementgirl gifted by a friend
    cteddiesgirl gifted by nitebeforxmas Woot
    Ravenisfaven Gifted by KingHusky! Woot
    Zizema traded for
    Gottatravel gifted by AZCat! WOOT!
    visitingthemouse gifted by JenTink Woot
    DizCaptain Gifted by KingHusky! Woot
    HappyBoy gifted by KingHusky
    Danola has suit
    NiteBeforXmas WON ONE!!!WOOT WOOT
    threeboysmom gifted by Wendot Woot !!Woot!!
    Saxsoon traded for one Woot!
    NMUdisneyfan gifted by AZCat Woot
    BobRichmond gifted by Maleficent2 who was gifted by LisainNC
    Jellyrolls Gifted by a special friend WOOT WOOT
    Kitashus for DD traded for one
    catnik Gifted by KingHusky! Woot
    iluvcountry gifted by AZCat
    RecklessPuppy(wants on for each of her two children...Daddysbrat & CuteGizmo)Gifted by KingHusky! Woot
    kutiepetutie Won one (well Mom did) at the DIS GAME SHOW Mule BALL WOOT WOOT
    dpuck1998 Gifted by KingHusky! Woot
    PopStar gifted by DaisyPaws WOOT!
    Lauralee traded for one
    AWSpinner waiting for response from him
    Fed-X gifted by threeboysmom
    Zizema sister traded for one
    daviedude gifted by AZCat Woot
    Mamma Rabbit traded
    Guest Yoshi won one
    Palmnut got on ?
    Arthua gifted by Tinkobell Woot
    dancerulez987gifted by DaisyPaws WOOT!
    wishingbluesgifted by DaisyPaws WOOT!
    PhantomofB Won one at Dis Game Show by WorkerBea(Blizzard) WOOT
    LynnTarrant gifted by DaisyPaws WOOT!Gifted by KingHusky! Woot
    DagnyGifted by KingHusky! Woot
    Marcm gifted by Blizzard/Canadian WOOT!
    Milkabum gifted by Roxane WOOT
    darthjordan gifted by Roxane WOOT
    Twinkieb gifted byBlizzard/Canadian Woot
    mthddoc2 gifted by AZCat Woot
    udflyer00WOOT gifted by KingHusky!!!
    gottatravel(son-Bluespaceboy)Gifted by KingHusky! Woot
    PrinessDonnaTGifted by KingHusky Woot Woot
    ekmdisneyGifted by KingHusky! Woot
    DocswifeWOOT gifted by KingHusky!!!
    daffypluto gifted by Nitebeforxmas Woot!
    Real deal gifted by Nitebeforxmas Woot!
    Mable gifted by the CAPES WOOT
    GblanstomWOOT gifted by KingHusky!!!
    aaronandjessicaWOOT gifted by KingHusky!!!
    mtblujeans gifted by AZCat Woot
    Plushie lovergggifted KingHusky Woot
    carrieberrygifted by DaisyPaws WOOT!
    wassupmangifted KingHusky Woot
    BigJohnTWOOT gifted by KingHusky!!!
    Disneygirl1994 gifted by DaisyPaws WOOT!
    PurpleDuck gifted by Disney_Nemo Woot
    Dj-Rell waiting for response from him
    JungleCruiseSkipper gifted by DaisyPaws WOOT!
    SnowyW's son gifted by DaisyPaws WOOT!
    hncg57c & sisterGifted by KingHusky Woot Woot
    YoDawggifted KingHusky Woot
    FoolforDisney gifted by DaisyPaws WOOT!

    Players that need the yellow chair only

    Maleficent2 gifted
    gruthie gifted
    virtuallyme gifted
    kutiepetutie gifted
    goofyandplutoluver gifted
    pokemon_master got one
    BobRichmond gifted
    ZizemaGifted by KingHusky! WOOT
    cteddiesgirl traded for
    bopperGifted by KingHusky! WOOT

  2. Chickysmom

    Chickysmom Sadly....tagless

    Jun 22, 2005
    I, the game challenged, old and lame DISer.....would like one for me and one for BurritoBaby!

    Please PM me!

    **UPDATE: Daisypaws gifted me a code and we are working on one for BurritoBaby too**

    **UPDATE: Daisypaws has gifted a second code and now BurritoBaby has one too**
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  4. kitashus

    kitashus DIS Veteran

    Aug 31, 2005
    OK, I would *love* to be gifted with a spacesuit. I do plan on continuing to play...but since I have only gotten to level 4, I doubt I will get one on my own in this century. If someone were to give me a suit and then I did get one I would gift it to someone (but that's a longshot, honestly--me winning I mean).

    Please put me on your asteroid-impaired player list... :teeth:

    Oh,yeah, thanks Chickysmom for reminding me that I have kids...I would gladly take two for them as well!

    Edit: I have one gifted from Pezter (DaisyPaws)...thank you so much! and one for my pirate from DippyDawg...thank you, thank you! Now little princess still needs one...but we can wait awhile...she can share mine for awhile 'til others on the list get some. You guys are awesome! :bounce:
  5. polysisterchick

    polysisterchick DIS Veteran

    Dec 1, 2004
    I,polysisterchick, am a asteroid-impaired player so if you get an extra one plz plz plz let me know!
  6. Disneyfan_77

    Disneyfan_77 If only I could live there . . .<br><img src="http

    Jun 18, 2005
    I apparently know no other asteroid level except 11; if someone would be so kind to "gift" me a space suit, I would more than happily "gift" it back to them when I can finally blast the asteroids out of that game! Actually the bubble would be fine! LOL :earboy2:
  7. Wendot

    Wendot Mouseketeer

    Jul 26, 2005
    I would absolutely love someone's help in getting me a space suit - the game is almost beyond me and makes me want to go running back to Fireworks and feel like a winner! Anyway, I do plan on playing and practicing and in time I hope I can be on the "gifting" end of this!
  8. aeryn

    aeryn <font color=33CC33>Sprinkled with TF pixie dust

    Sep 26, 2000
    Count me in as needing to be 'gifted' as well... I've managed to make it to level 4, which I thought was pretty good since I'm on a laptop, but ugh, I'll never make it to level 15.

    I'm gonna keep trying, but would appreciate the help in the mean time...

  9. Piratedragoon

    Piratedragoon Mouseketeer

    Oct 10, 2005
    I am also in need of a spacesuit since i can't even get to the arcade now before it crashes
  10. Fairy Dust

    Fairy Dust <font color=deeppink>*~*~*~*~*~*<br><font color=te

    Mar 21, 2005
    I am useless at this game, I can't even get to level 1. :blush:

    As I missed out on buying a spacesuit before I would LOVE some kind DISer to help me out!

    I will keep playing but somehow I don't think I have any chance of winning one myself!
  11. Sora Necross

    Sora Necross Mouseketeer

    Jul 5, 2005
    All I need is a helmet, I found a walk-through here lastnight and easily won to get my diving suit. IN SEARH OF HELMET!
  12. Captain Brain

    Captain Brain <font color=teal>School is so draining<br><img src

    Aug 13, 2005
    -cries-Captain is sad....He can't win a suit.Mom's no good at astroids.(dang)
  13. Sonya

    Sonya Kaki Gori veteran

    Sep 16, 1999
    I would love one, I missed out on the time they were sold. I will gift it back to you if and when I ever win.

    I need to go find my best friend's son, he's 6, he will have no problem.......

    **update** I can't get past level 2, DH can't get past level 12. I will trade a diver's helmet for the code! Heck I'll give 2!
  14. MaliaMichelle

    MaliaMichelle MaliaMike on VMK

    Jul 29, 2005
    I would really love to get a spacesuit for my youngest, TheCodyMan. And I myself need a space vest, if anyone has an extra of those that you don't want a fortune for.

    I am unable to play the game. My IE won't even go into the arcade and Firefox won't play the space game, even though it will play the diver game.

    BTW, I still owe a diver suit to someone here, just wanted to let you know, I haven't forgotten, just haven't had a chance to get it for you. Sorry.
  15. x13igDudex12

    x13igDudex12 ‰ÖÓK, Å ßͮС ‡ †ÀK€š ƒ®ÏÈš‡

    Sep 5, 2005
    i would like one but i am still trying to get one...
  16. Nautilus

    Nautilus I Dont Blame My Brain..

    Jun 27, 2005
    :teeth: I know, I know, theres so many other people who have already posted, but I thought I'd try.
  17. Someybody

    Someybody Sitting here.

    Aug 27, 2005
    i would DIE for one but i never will get one
  18. wdw2004wdw

    wdw2004wdw Mouseketeer

    Sep 30, 2005
    Yes please, if someone would be so kind to grant me aswell !
    add me to the list! of unable.
    and if i do ever end up with another i will surely pass it on as a "gift"

    thanx CDNMickey
  19. DarkSideMoon

    DarkSideMoon Mystery mansion bellhop.

    Aug 23, 2005
    nooooooooooo!!!! !@$!@~#$%!@%# level 14, 30 mins wasted!!!!!
  20. Maleficent2

    Maleficent2 DIS Veteran

    Sep 15, 1999
    Wow darkside you are soooooo close!!!!! :wizard: pixie dust for luck!

  21. FlyingPegasus

    FlyingPegasus <marquee><img src=

    Oct 8, 2005
    Well I would love to have one, since I can not get the game to load! :badpc: :badpc: :badpc: I would really appreciate it. DIS people are the best!
    :wizard: :wizard:

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