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May 21, 2005
Hi Folks. I hope that I don't depress you all on a Friday afternoon but I really do need some help on this subject.
If it does depress anyone go and read Widget's trip report - it will make your day.
I have a little boy (8) who loves the fast rides. He is desperate to ride Space mountain. I am terrified that he might fall out though. Would that be possible ?A gir was tragically killed at our local theme park last year by falling out of a ride so that has made me even more nervous. My son may be tall enough but I am worried that he is too slight and too supple. ( He managed to squeeze through my front door the other day even with the safety chain still on !!!!!) He weighs less than 4 stone and is a gymnast,so he can get to places that others couldn't go ! LOL I'm scared that he'll just slip out or something. Please don't laugh, it may be a stupid question, but I am being serious


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Mar 5, 2005
Hiya :wave2:

I havnt been on Space Mountain 2 but I can try to relieve your fears.

All of the documentrys on theme park rides say it is the G forces holding you in and not the seat restraint, Now there is no way I would ride without a nice tight harness but bearing this in mind I am sure your son will be fine.

If you are very concerned speak to the cm when loading and if your sons harness just doesnt feel right then pull him off the ride.




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Jun 12, 2003
Just go to the CM on the entrance and tell your story (if CM Matthieu is there, just tell him Kristof from Photos Magiques send you). ;)


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May 21, 2005
Jodie, Raptor

Thanks for your advice.


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Aug 13, 2003
Dee, don't worry. Disney cannot afford any accidents to happen on their rides, and have extremely rigorous safety procedures (especially after the tragic BTM incident at DL)

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Jan 23, 2003
Dee, I totally understand where you're coming from. I was totally fearless throughout my teens and would go on some terribly ricketty(and probably dangerous) rides at all the travelling fairgrounds. However I do not know if it is getting older:rolleyes1 or becoming a mother;) but I am now a total wimp and can only just manage to do rides like Big Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain and that is only because of the theming that is built around the tracks. If the mountainous scenery was not there and it was just tracks on scaffolding like at other theme parks I would NEVER do it!!! My DD's are just getting to the stage where they now laugh at me and go on the rides with each other but I can't bear to watch them. I KNOW nothing is going to happen and that they are safe but it still doesn't stop me worrying!:rotfl:

As the others have said, just have a word with the CM, this will reassure you. Like Jodie said, it must be the Gforce that keeps you in your seat because look how the coaster enthusiasts ride with their arms above their heads! They do all these 360 degree loops without even holding on to their restraints!

And finally, please remember, no question is ever silly on these boards!:goodvibes

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