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Oct 7, 1999
I received 3 of the 5 Southwest/hershey Certificates. I waited three months. But hopefully the others are on the way. A friend received all 7 yesterday in the mail. As they said 3-$50 each no expiration no name. Just waiting for a sw special to book for july cruise.
I mailed mine just a couple days before the offer expired. I wasn't even sure they would receive them before the deadline. My certificates came yesterday.


I was beginning to wonder, since it didn't take this long for the first set to arrive. Now where are those September flights?


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leslieh, you said you are waiting for a Southwest special to book your trip. If you are referring to an Internet-only fare, are you sure you can use your certificates for that? I don't think you can. Fares for July travel may never be lower than they are today without an Internet-special, so it's something you may want to check into.
you could use the certificates toward internet fare?! Does anyone have more info on this? I will probably need to call Southwest to make my reservations--does anyone know how you are suppose to redeem these certificates--do you need to go to the airport/in person to apply them, and, if so, can you go the day you are leaving for your trip? Don't know if I want to wait until the last minute...
Also, I'm still waiting for a set of certificates--mailed upcs the end of October. Anyone else out there that mailed upcs several months ago and still waiting for certificates? Thanks for any help/info!


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Ive been to orlando over 30 times and have never paid 200.00 per person which it is right now. (8 people total) They are holding seats for some reason. They usually have a promotion that can be internet or phone. All the seats on the days we needs are not available, doesnt that sound strange? Im waiting until spring break/easter is over then things may start to open up. After the threatened strikes too. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks
leslieh, welcome to the changing climate of airline ticket pricing. Southwest has initiated an aggressive yield management program. This has been written about in the media. What that means is that on certain routes on certain days, they will no longer make available their lowest fares because they know they will sell out those flights.

When Southwest shows the lowest fare class as sold out, I have *never* known them to open it up at a later date.

What are your travel dates? I'd like to look at the flights on Southwest's website myself. I then may be able to offer further comments.
Cruise 7/7-7/14 we want to arrive on 7-6 the 11 a.m. flight is available. NS. Then on the 14 in the evening nothing at all. There will be 8 of us. I have 3-4 free tickets (rapid rewards) i could use, but want to save at least two of them. They are good on any price flights. We have 8-150.00$$ GC if they all arrive. So im even thinking Tampa is wide open on the 14th. We've flown out of there before. So maybe thats an option. I wonder can we fly into MCO and then fly out of TPA? I have two separate rentals from avis. Thanks for any help.
Last august they posted 99.00 rt to any Florida destination. I wished id booked one each month. I have a daughter in college in St. Augustine we have flown once each month. Next year ill know. But that will be too late for you. Maybe they will have a special sooner this summer.
Those flights will never open up at the lowest fare. As I mentioned above, that's a result of yield management. Every Saturday or Sunday I looked at had only the first morning flight available at the lowest fare. If they know they can sell those seats at the higher fare, they will not make the lowest fare available. This is something Southwest has been doing for a few months now on high load routes. As I said, this has been written about in the media.

You can fly into and out of different airports, but for anyone you are purchasing a ticket for (as opposed to using a Rapid Rewards voucher which I am very familiar with; have been using them for at least 10 years) you will not be able to get a discounted roundtrip fare. You can only get the advanced purchase one way fare x2.

Suffice it to say that with your travel dates, you will not get a fare under $200 on Southwest.
help me with questions on the hershey gift certs for Southwest airlines?
I will have (I HOPE) $150 in certs each for me and my DH. I assumed I could use them with an internet booking, but sounds like that isn't going to
When I call Southwest for tickets, what's the best way to apply these certs? Do I need to purchase them in advance at the Southwest ticket counter/airport?
I know September dates aren't out yet for Southwest, but, if I give you my dates--Depart Midway/Chicago Wed, Sept 19 and return Wed, Oct. 3rd, do you have an idea what these fares may be or what I could do to get the best rate?
Sorry for all the questions, and THANK YOU much in advance for any help you can provide. <IMG SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_confused.gif" alt="confused"> <IMG SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_confused.gif" alt="confused">


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I have never seen a Southwest/Hershey's gift certificate, but I'm not aware of any type of certificate, voucher or credit that is redeemable on Southwest's website. That's why I asked above, but no one has answered.

Every type of promotion like this that I've ever seen lists the ticketing rules on the certificate.

There is no way to know what Southwest's fare will be until it is published, but you shouldn't have a problem getting the lowest published fare for your travel dates since they are midweek.
Thanks for your imput TravelSheryl! I've never worked with airline certs before, Ha! :)


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I don't have a plan to use my certificates yet, but I received them on wednesday, March 21. I sent my wrappers off on Monday, Jan. 29, and was not sure if the promoters would receive them on time, so I tried not to get my hopes up. But, alas, after eating all that chocolate, I gained 20 lbs. and 6 $50 gift certificates on Southwest Airlines! If TravelSheryl could post or e-mail me what months TYPICALLY(I know this changes regularly) have the lowest fares from NC to Florida on Southwest I would be so grateful! Thanks to everyone on the boards for the heads-up on this promotion. :D
The only airline I'm aware that allows you to redeem a certificate or a voucher on their website is Northwest. If anyone knows of any other airline that allows redemption of certificates or vouchers on their website, I would be interested to know.

There are no months that typically have the lowest fares from North Carolina to Florida on Southwest. With the exception of certain holiday weekends, the latter half of December, and mid-March to mid-April, every single date is covered by a fare sale at some point. Southwest typically announces a fare sale every couple of months (sometimes more often than that) that covers the entire period they are selling at that time with purchase required by a specific date, so every period is overlapped by a fare sale. In addition to regularly advertised fare sales, Southwest posts Internet-only fares every week for travel beginning 21 days later, through the end of the time they are then selling travel.

The best way to keep informed is to subscribe to their e-mail notification through their website.
les ... we are on the same cruise and i have already purchased my 6 round trip tickets 7/4 to 7/14 weds to sat. the certificates can only be used at the airport not on line. because i paid with certificates they issued me tickets that must not be lost because they will not be replaced! i paid 204 each ( 36 dollars more because i couldn't get an anser out of my dh in a timely fashion) he changed the plans when we got to the airport and the new day was a little more per ticket. but if the seats are less in the future i will ask for a voucher.
Could someone please let me know what these SWA certs are that you are talking about and where I might be able to find some if it is not too late. My air travel is half my problem.

Thank you <IMG SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_confused.gif" alt="confused"> <IMG SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_confused.gif" alt="confused">
Ok, the gift certificates can only redemed at the airport or participating travel agents, i knew that ahead of time. The candy promotion expired Jan. 31, 2001. Travelsheryl, I talked with a SW rep today and the price would be 209.50 rt per person from BWI/MCO on the days and times we wanted, even though they werent available by internet. I will wait it out a few more days until the next tuesday special. It would be better for me to fly $30 anniversary special and earn another Rapid Rewards, wont be the first time.


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