Southwest for travel after June 7?


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Jan 15, 2001
The Southwest schedule currrently shows June 7 as the latest date for flights. Does anyone have any idea of when or how often Southwest releases more dates? Should I be calling daily?
Calling every day? Check their website for current dates. I wouldn't expect SW to post beyond June anytime soon, 6 months is about the longest ahead they reserve. 4 to 6 months is normal for them. Southwest Homepage
I want to book flights and may then have to rearrange resort dates depending on what SW has available for the dates I want to go maybe change a day or two for a better rate. January is almost over - I would think then they should put them out to show six months out. Maybe this weekend? I HOPE!!!!
CHECK DAILY AND OFTEN!!!!!!!!!!! We ALMOST missed our FEBUARY 17th and 23rd dates COMPLETELY! I know peak times are a bit different but we literally got the last 2 seats on our flights! Because we didnt check enough the day the rates and seating became available. My mom is actually the one who did see it and got us the flights the lady on the phoen said they had relased about 6 hours prior to us hearing it. And we did change our saturady leaving to a sunday or we wouldnt have gotten a flight on SW at all. Not to mention what we paid because we MISSEd all of the discount rates!

Thanks for the info Rae. That's what I was afraid of - that I would have to constantly be checking!! Do they release the dates at specific times or days? or is it just random??
I check SWA on line first thing in morning and maybe a couple or more times a day since I am at a computer all day anyway and then use mine on weekends. But the good rates will come up first and then gone so I want to be sure to catch them quick! :)


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