Southern California and Disneyland Resort 4th August 2019


Sep 5, 2009
Hi, I am travelling from Australia to do this ABD with a good friend from Delaware. I will be at the Disneyland Resort for a week before I meet her at our Hollywood Hotel. I am really struggling with a transfer option from Anaheim to Hollywood that is affordable. Does anyone have any ideas? I was even thinking I could get a shuttle to LAX and meet her and do the official transfer. I wanted to run this by a vacationista however I only have a phone number and not an email.

The other thing I wanted to know was how can I find out how many people will be on our tour? I wanted to bring some items over as gifts for my fellow travellers and need to work out how many I need.

If you park your car at the Grand Californian before your ABD, ABD will transfer you from the Grand Californian to the hotel in Hollywood (so your car will be where the ABD ends). I would definitely talk to a Vacationista and see if they can offer you the same sort of transfer if you don't have a car.

I have this email address. You might try it.

Adventures by Disney <>

A Vacationista can also tell you how many people are on your tour, broken down by number of Adults and number of kids, by age.

@scrappinsandie, please let us know if ABD will do a transfer from the Grand Californian to Loews Hollywood. We have a similar scenario but right now have a rental car booked from SNA with a drop off near Loews for our pre-day.

If that email doesn't work, I have been able to contact them via their website contact option. It took about a day for them to respond but the Vacationista was very helpful!
They will transfer you from the grand to the hotel in Hollywood without having a car. At least one person on my December trip did that. Contact your travel agent or ABD to arrange it.
FYI...I contacted my TA (Kevin at DU) to inquire about this. ABD will do one pick up from the Grand Californian at 1 pm at the start of your adventure. In our case our ABD starts with our pre-day so we'll spend two nights at Paradise Pier, meet the van at the Grand Californian by 1 pm on our pre-day, and be driven to the Loews Hotel. You must reserve your spot in the van in advance.

Thanks everyone - I got an answer:
If you are staying prior to the Adventure in Anaheim, I suggest you meet at the Grand Californian for the transfer to the Lowe's Hollywood Hotel for the 1 PM pick up. Please let us know what ever option you choose.

If your friend is arriving much earlier and you want to meet her at LAX, please advise us that and we will expect to pick you up there as well. "

I myself will get a ****tle to LAX only because I want to do some stuff in Hollywood before the tour.



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