South Bend Marines this looks promising!


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Mar 23, 2000
this might be the last news report we see online from Fred Dodd, since he's on his way home, but it sure looks promising that our " adopted nephews" will be following shortly. Keeping fingers crossed for Patty and all the other mothers and wives..

( full article link )

just some quick pieces of article

CAMP SOLOMON ISLANDS, Northern Kuwait -- Cleaning was the word of the day Friday as the South Bend Marines started the job of getting ready for demobilization.

"The boys will start cleaning rifles, equipment and vehicles," said Chief Warrant Officer Brian Currie, 45, of Fremont, Ind. That's a process which will be repeated most every day until the Marines fly to Camp Pendleton.

"The support from the Michiana community was really awesome. I'm humbled by that. I want to thank them for all their support. It seemed like we were picking up way more mail than other units because of the support of the local communities."

During their stay in Ad Diwaniyah, Iraq, when the Marines received way more than they could use, Bertschy found a way to put it to good use.

"Going through towns it seemed like people had nothing. I wanted to do something to help." Part of that something was donating items to a local hospital. "I was impressed by the big-heartedness of our Marines donating items from their care packages

would make any "mom" or "cyber aunt " PROUD!


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