sorry couldn't change my title.... what fitness tracker does everyone use?

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Aug 24, 2016
I had asked what fitbit everyone uses but now I'm realizing that there are a ton of copycat companies that have trackers that claim to do all the same things at a much cheaper price.

I'm looking for something that is waterproof and has a display that shoes steps heart rate etc.. that can also monitor your sleep.


Jan 18, 2017
I was going to post on the other thread but I'll post here :). My DW and I had FitBit had FitBit Charges (she had the HR version). She also had the Flex (original version) but it developed charging issues.

While much more expensive than a Fitbit, we both have Apple Watches now. There are definite drawbacks (no sleep tracking, battery life of around 24 wearable hours if I'm lucky, not waterproof [DW has the Watch2 so it is water resistant, I think]), but I think the tracking is a lot more accurate. I sit in an office all day and would register thousands of steps on my Fitbit, which I know I didn't do. It could have definitely been an issue with the device itself, but could never seem to make it track an 'accurate' number of steps for me.

There are copycat products out there, but personally, if I had to buy a fitness tracker, I would probably go with the Alta/AltaHR or Charge2. I think, you get the most out of these products, but are not spending $300+. Another good option is Flex2, if you can forgo the heart rate tracking.

Good luck!!


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Oct 8, 2001
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