sodas free on other cruise lines


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Oct 7, 1999
Ive been having a long discussion with SIL, she is sailing sat. on Celebrity and insists that sodas are free any time? Does anyone know about this, Im sorry but Ive only cruised on disney:rolleyes: And her travel agent told her that $200.00 for tips for three adults would be enough for the week. I just pulled my slips out from the last cruise, ours (4 in family) was 410.00 for 7 days.


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Oct 25, 2001
Sodas may be free on Celebrity, however I know they are not on Carnival. I am thinking Celebrity is a little more expensive to sail on, so maybe the price does include unlimited sodas.

$200 in tips seems low for a seven day. There is three of us in my family, and on the last seven day this is what we tipped (if I am remembering correctly)

Head Server - $20
Head Waiter $90
Assistant Waiter $60
Cabin Steward $85

we did tip a little more than the recommended. I was a waitress for years putting myself through college, so I always appreciate those that wait on me.


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Nov 22, 1999
They are definitely not free on RCCL either!! Thank goodness hubby and I are not soda drinkers...if we were, we'd invest in the mugs.
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Nov 18, 2001
I don't believe that sodas are free on Celebrity either because they are owned by RCCL.
In fact I think that Disney is the only one that gives you sodas with dinner free. We had to pay on Carnival for any sodas, dinnertime or not.


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Aug 30, 1999
This is what it lists as the suggested amounts for tipping.......
waiter- 3.50 per person per day
asst waiter- 2.00 per person per day
rest. manager .75 per person per day
Butler (suites only) 3.50 per person per day
Stateroom attendant 3.50 per person per day
Chief housekeeper .50 per person per day
Tour director 3.00 per person per day
coach driver 2.50 per person per day

it also notes that for children under the age of 12
traveling as the 3rd and 4th guests only half of the
tips are necessary.

So tips look very close, with the exception that the only give the asst. waiter 2.00 and the suggested amount on disney is 2.50 andthe head waiter gets an extra .75 on disney, but I never paid my chief housekeper anything on disney nor the Tour director. If you total up their suggestions for Celebrity it actually looks like it is more, unless you are traveling with kids.

In the FAQ section it specifically asks

The answer is NO..........

Hope this solves this..............

smiles Patty


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Aug 30, 1999
$410 is more than the suggested amount for tips for a family of 4.
the suggested amount should have put you closer to $300-
It is nice that you tipped the extra money as these people work so hard, and I'm sure that they work just as hard on Celebrity. Hopefully your SIL will recognize that also............

smiles Patty


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Jan 11, 2001
We also sailed on Carnival and soda was NOT free. Souds like your SIL is just trying to irritate you.


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Oct 7, 1999
Dont get me wrong, she has never sailed before and others have told her on their cruise sodas are included whenever you want them. I was just trying to give her the heads up. They do have a casino so maybe thats where they get the free sodas. Just curious. Thanks for all the responses.


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May 19, 2001
I just checked Celebrity's web site. They have a soda program that costs $4.50/day based on the length of the cruise (i.e. the program would cost $31.50 for a 7-day cruise).


Celebrity also suggests the following tip guidelines...

Waiter: $3.50 p/day
Busboy: $2.00 p/day
Restaurant Manager: .75 p/day
Butler (suites only): $3.50 p/day
Steward/ess: $3.50 p/day
Chief Housekeeper: .50 p/day

Suggested rates * 7 days * 3 adults = $288.75 in a suite with butler service

Suggested rates * 7 days * 3 adults = $215.25 if you're not in a suite


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