So with all the drama stirred with the coupon shows..& Good coupon information sites?

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    What do you think - Have companies changed the wording on coupons? Do you see more restrictions now? Have you seen more people in stores using coupons than before? Have Rite-Aid and CVS deals gotten worse? Are you seeing more Cashiers annoyed with you for using coupons?:rolleyes:

    I've noticed a major change in my area with the amount of couponers. It's really common to see boxes and binders filled with coupons in carts. Maybe I just didn't notice them before. Personally, each time I've used a coupon in the past few months SOME cashiers have given me these nasty looks. I'm sure people abuse the system (Such as that crazy coupon lady who got caught) and can understand why cashiers would start to question coupons.

    Anyways, my best friend is now thinking about starting to CVS and I just told her I have no clue if things have changed too much. Or if its worth it anymore to try to get these deals. Of course she wants me to tag along and assist. I told her to just join this forum for information. Since people are helpful if you actually need the advice and haven't wasted money on trips you shouldn't have taken. (She lost her job for 5 months and being a single mom it was really hard to deal with things) Its time for her to get back on track after using credit cards and personal loans during her jobless period. So, every little bit of savings is going to help her out. I just don't know enough to really help her. What are some sites with thorough information on couponing- Preferably step by step. She thinks that what the people on TV did is very possible. I just looked at it as staged and acted out with some of it being possible.

    Thank You

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