So trade is just that and

Discussion in 'Virtual Traders Market' started by LisaInNc, Nov 14, 2005.

  1. LisaInNc

    LisaInNc Succulent Wild Woman

    Feb 18, 2005
    So trade is just that and wishing is like asking for a gift right?

    If I see a post that say someone is Wishing for something that means they want it as a gift?
  2. Captain Brain

    Captain Brain <font color=teal>School is so draining<br><img src

    Aug 13, 2005
    I 'think' that it may also mean that the person would also be interested in trading.
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  4. Maleficent2

    Maleficent2 DIS Veteran

    Sep 15, 1999
    Trade is trade

    A wish is something your heart makes ;) sorry Lisa I could not help myself :goodvibes

    A wish is something you would love to have and may or may not can trade for...but in general the person is asking for a gift.

  5. VirtuallyMe

    VirtuallyMe <font color=darkorchid>I had a snail named, Ralph<

    Sep 16, 2005
    I look at my wish list as a set of long term goals. They are the things that I can't immediately get for myself through skill, purchase or barter- but they are the things that I would like to have.

    Of course I think everyone would love to be gifted all their wishes- but it is also pretty fun to work and earn them too.

    I would certainly trade for something on my wish list- but I think, like most people, that their wish lists are usually not within their means- meaning if you were willing to trade for it- I doubt I'd have what you want in return- but I would make an offer or see if I did have something you'd accept in return. But I'd definitely be willing to trade. I have made quite a few offers for things on my wish list- and some that have disappeared did so through trades- but many more got the "are you insane responses- I just want quest or beta". And I will admit that a few of my trades were a little one sided in my favor- but traded I did.

    SO I guess the answer to your question-
    A trade is a trade, but I'm sure they'd take a gift too if they offered to trade for it.
    And I'm sure those who post a "wish" for something- would prefer to be gifted because they know they probably don't have what you want- but I bet if a generous trade was proposed the person would gladly fork over some of their items to get something on their wish list.
    And I also know there are those out there- who put those things they wish for- only in the gimme catagory...

    Okay- that is about as clear as mud- lol but since this is my second time attempting to post this (warning to parents and future parents- if you have a baby don't have a computer with a neat lit up power button- because they will walk right over and press that pretty blue button at the most inopportune times)
  6. Califgirl

    Califgirl <img src=

    Aug 20, 1999
    Well, I guess my take on it is: I wish for ... means please give me.

    I really don't care for those threads and don't read them, but to each his/her own. I feel that most of us have been playing VMK long enough to have accumulated quite a bit of stuff. So, what these pleas seem to mean to me is .."I have stuff, but I don't want to give any of it up to get my ultra wish of (insert item here)."

    That being said, I do gift items, but I also find it a bit difficult to accept a gift. I suppose it is just my personality.
    Geeze, I am being ornery tonight. Sorry. End of rant.
  7. LisaInNc

    LisaInNc Succulent Wild Woman

    Feb 18, 2005
    I am glad I got that cleared up. I am going to ignore all Wish posts unless it is from someone that I want to give something to. I enjopy gifting VMK people that are active on the board and give so much of themselves helping other people. That kind of what goes around comes around!

    I won't just give something to someone I don't know unless I am in a really good mood :goodvibes !
  8. mtlhddoc2

    mtlhddoc2 DIS Veteran<br><font color=blue>Ask me my GRRRR fo

    Mar 28, 2005
    whenever someone "gifts" me something, I always try to give them something in return, even if it is something they have... like I sent Space room codes to some people who had been exceptionally nice to me previously, and each time I was gifted I would always say "you sure you dont want SOMETHING?" even if it is something they have, I try to give them trade stock, whatever, they usually decline though, which is awfully nice of them...
  9. cat_herder

    cat_herder Disney Veteran

    Aug 21, 2005
    First of all there is a different between “wishing for an item” and someone saying “give me, give me, give me.”

    That being said:
    For me, I "wish" for a lot of things in the game since I only have two rare things: two different things not two of the same thing. Both were gifts. If I had 2 of the same thing I would trade one and keep one. I don't really have a way to get any rare items: I can't get to the park and no one will trade a rare item for a non-rate item.

    And most people are now are asking a lot of rare things for one really rare thing.
    There is one guy offering something like 25 rare things for inferno.
    How can I hope to get inferno at all, unless I wish for it? Certainly trying to win it in VMK isn’t working for most of us, since we can’t stay connected to VMK during events.

    How can I get a rare item at all if no one will trade me?

    Do I think I will get an item for free by wishing for it?
    Not really. But it gives me a way to express my self. And maybe if someone is feeling generous they might offer to trade me something rare for something non-rare.

    I've looked at the wish lists many times -- about twice a week just hoping I can make someone’s day; but sadly everyone wants things I don't have. So I can't make their wish come true since I don't have what they want. Once I saw someone ask for something I did have and was willing to let go of, but in reading the list more I found out they had already traded for it.

    So, for all the people out there sitting on tons of rare items (like I’ve seen in many trade rooms and heard people brag about getting at the parks) you can hardly get mad at those of us who don’t have any rare things but wish that we did. How can you get mad at people for wishing we had the same thing you have? And if you actually read the wish list, you will see that no one is wishing for:
    15 inferno magic pins
    10 pirate couches
    12 mansion room codes
    or a room full of red penny presses
    etc etc
    they are wishing for 1 of a certain item(s) for the most part.

    You don’t have to “give” anybody anything.
    You don’t have to “trade” anybody anything.
    You don’t have to read anyone “wish list” either.
    If someone comes in your room begging, boot them, you have that power.
  10. Califgirl

    Califgirl <img src=

    Aug 20, 1999
    mtlhddoc2, you are one of the nicest and most generous VMKer's and you seem to fly below the radar. I just want everyone to know that you indeed have a very generous heart.

    Also, I hope our dis VMKer's realize that sometimes buyable stuff is very acceptable for a trade for rare or rarer items. (Don't mean inferno here, but hey, you never know.) Everytime I have ever posted a trade thread (which hasn't been for quite awhile) I always said up front that I would accept buyable items wit h no magic required. This was back when I was trading HM quest stuff and gold ears and in park only things.
    So, please don't think that special items are not available to you. But, I think you might have a better chance of getting your wished for items if you are willing to trade (good stuff but not necessarily rare stuff) than your chances would be if you just wait to be gifted.
    Wow, I hope I don't sound quite so grumpy as I think it sounds. This is not a personal attack on anyone, just my own lame opinion and personal perception. It's probably not even worth the paper it is printed on...
  11. cteddiesgirl

    cteddiesgirl <font color=deeppink>Not invisible to the Tag Fair

    Sep 5, 2005
    cat_herder, I completely agree with you. I myself have very few rare items. Pretty much everything I have, everyone else has. Except for maybe those have have started playing after Halloween.
    I look at that wish list and often wish that I could grant others their wishes.

    Of the exceptionally few rare items I have, most of it has been traded for. A couple items have been gifted to me my other DIS people. :goodvibes And I am ever so grateful to them. :grouphug:

    IMHO: a wish is exactly that. It doesn't necessarily mean "Gimme Gimme". It many times means "I will trade what I can for it".
  12. SeaSpray

    SeaSpray Disney World fan since 1976

    Jan 11, 2001

    yeah me too! So Lisa, open up that PM I sent you yesterday; it's a CrackerJack box with a surprise inside. ;) :sunny:

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