So, Tell Me About The Hulk!!


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Aug 19, 2000
I've not done many coasters in my time as I do have a fear of heights, however, I am determined (I think!!) to do The Hulk in March.

So, what I want to know is, how scarey is it really? How long does it last? and, should I go for it? (honest answers only please!!!! ;) )
you want honest awnsers?


ok here i go:

speed: 60 mph
long? yes
how long? if you close your eyes not long
should you go on? yes
why? they take your picture
I had never done a coaster like it before. I was fortunate to go when it was almost no wait so I didnt have time to chicken out. In retrospect it really isnt bad. You are locked in so tight that it eleviates any fears of falling out for me. It is fun more than scary.
It's as good as any looping roller coaster gets these days, in my opinion. Shoulder harnessed in, it takes you up and enclosed tube. About halfway up the incline the cars take off from 0-60 in a flash. At the top of the incline it feels like the cars might shoot off straight into space, but of course they don't.... they shoot over the hill and into an immediate barrel roll. It's then off to a pair of loops and down through a short tunnel, which sends you to the back portion of the ride.

After that it's more flips, rolls, twists, etc... this is a long coaster and might make more inversions than any roller coaster I've ever been on.

All I know is that after my youngest son dragged me on there 3 times in a row (in the Express Lane no less), my head was rattling. I love roller coasters, but too many times in a row? Ugh!!!

Go for it... go with it... they're a bit scary... but that's the idea!! It's not called a thrill ride for nothing!! They're a blast once you get used to them. Just get in the seat, pull down the harness, and hang on.... you'll be glad you did!!!


My 9 yr old niece hates thrill rides. She rode the Hulk (was in tears in line) and loved it. It is a very good coaster (IMHO) for those who aren't "big" on the big coasters.
Height: 110 feet
Drop : 105 feet
Length: 3700 feet
Duration: 2:15 minutes
40 mph launch into a zero-G roll (weightless effect)
Maximum G-forces: 4 (4 times your body weight)

Ride it at least once, it's a whole lot of fun! :D
The launch is the best part, I loved it...

Kraken at Sea World.. well, thats another story...

Kraken at Sea World.. well, thats another story...
I hope you mean a good story LOL
Kraken is my favorite coaster of all
I'm with you. I LOVE Kraken! Now that's a long coaster. I also love the Hulk and DD.

Try the Hulk. You are harnessed in very securely. It is a very smooth ride. It's just a total blast.
Thanks everyone - appreciate your comments (I think :rolleyes: )

Well, guess I'll have to take my chances and go for it then won't I!! :)

But listen, if I don't like it I'm coming back to you lot to complain!!!!!

suzysezso - thanks for the link - looks great (ish!!!!!)

Astrid x
Hi Astrid, with the launch system on the Hulk, you don't have that long slow chug up to the top of the hill that many people find scarey. It's such a rush that your halfway through the ride by the time you realize what's going on LOL.

If you find you enjoy this ride then I would say the Rock n Roller Coaster at MGM is a similar ( if less intense) type of ride.
My sister is STILL mad at me because I didn't warn her about the launch!! :bounce:

It's absolutely AWESOME! I really do love the long chug a chug ride up to the top that most coasters offer, but the Hulk's launch really got me. The best part is how smooooooth it is. No jerking and knocking around, just an even and very intense ride.

Like everyone else said, it's one of the best. I will NEVER forget my first ride on the Hulk, and it's the first time I bought a ride picture where I was actually SMILING! :D



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