So okay other then pin trading in September

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    Jul 15, 2001
    Will you be doing the great pin adventure II with the rest of the mental ward.

    A Shameless plug for The Great Pin Adventure II

    Okay the mystery pin won, but what is the mystery pin????

    Well you might ask, is it the…

    Christopher Robin Mystery pin? (sought after by legions of traders everywhere)
    Daisy in cement with rubber parts? (Is that like Lucy in the sky with diamonds)
    Snowman Mickey (This pin scares kids and makes them cry)

    No those pins are boring Snore Ville USA, and some are even scary.

    SO!!!!!! If (pause for effect) and only if (pause again make them wait) you are registered!!! you will get the chance to win an honest to goodness cool pin the older style Monorail pilot wings pin….. :p

    Yes now you know what the mystery pin was, it's monorail pilot wings.

    This pin is a holy grail to some, a must have to most.

    How do you win? Well duh you register... Where do we register?

    Here of course

    Remember if we get 200 people register Jeff's head will explode. 250 people Mean Laureen will wear a Speedo, and dance the famed pin bubble dance forbidden in 49 states. Alaska just has no morals. (yeah right Ed... in your dreams)

    Come on kids it will be fun. I'll be there somewhere wearing god knows what that Peggie is working on, unless I get a note excusing me from the event from my doctor that is.


    Yes the pin is real not plastic. Mean Laureen and Arizona Jeff's copyright logo's property of the Southland corporation a subsidiary of Time Warner Communications. If you were in a room where everything was the same color, would there be color? No shock and moral outrage like color require constant comparison for their existence.

    Actual phone transcript from last night. E refers to me L is mean Laureen M is Matthew.

    E. Hey Lauri its Ed.
    L. Oh no what you have done now
    E. Nothing yet. I'm about to announce the winning mystery pin on the boards.
    L. Do I need to sit down for this
    E. No not at all
    L. Okay what is it
    E. A set of the Nude Jessica Rabbit pins from Paris.
    (loud noise)
    E. Hello Lauri…. Helllllllllooooo anybody there.
    M. Hello??
    E. Hey Matthew Whazzzzzs up
    M. Whazzzzzz up
    ( A faint distant L.) OMG he must be stopped.
    M. Uhmmm Ed why is Lauri on the floor in the fetal position crying and say no no over and over again.
    E. Don't know I just told her I was going to announce the winning mystery pin for the great pin adventure II game.
    M. Cool what is it?
    E. Monorail Pilot wings.
    M. Cooooooool did you tell Lauri
    E. Yea but she dropped the phone or something.
    M. What's her problem then.
    E. Don't know can I speak to her.
    M. Yea hold on….
    L. Tell me your not serious.
    E. Sure am… I just told Mathew he just thought it was a cool idea, ask him.
    L. (with hand over the mouth piece) Did you tell him that the pin was cool.
    M. Yea… why what wrong with it.
    L. Let me tell you what's wrong with it (click)
    E. Hello….. Hello. Gee the phone went dead.

    I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way… Oh the heck with it I'm that bad.

    From the legal department. Pin will be given away at 7:06 pm in the dark closet next to the event, you must and must not be present to win. Family, friends, pin collectors, people on the board, people that have read this, and anybody ether living or dead are not eligible to play. Pin winner will be notified by mail within 7 months after winning the contest. Only cute girls can win. If you are not a cute girl but know a cute girl you can bring the cute girl as a proxy. The winner must present themselves in a speedo in order to accept the prize, we here at EDCO, have a saying pin collecting is not pretty.

    The part of Mean Laureen will be played by Annette, Arizona Jeff will be played by Frankie. The Great Pin Adventure II will now be called Pin Beach Blanket Bingo II.


    Director… Arizona Jeff
    Assistant to the Director… Mean Laureen
    Keeper of Mean Laureen's faith… Matthew (this involved a lot of foot rubs after each Jeff phone call)
    Art Director… Arizona Jeff
    Financial coordinator… Arizona Trina
    Key Grip… We don't know what this is it just sounded cool
    Catering services provided by… Bubbas Arizona Local choke and puke
    Lighting… whichever one of Jeff's kids can hold the flashlight the longest.
    Music… Rapper Sir Mix A lot.

    Arizona Jeff's wardrobe was not provided by Botany 500, this has not been a Mark Goodman Bill Toddman production, and I'm not Johnny Olson.

    Now go register I'm tired of hearing we don't have enough people, we don't have enough people Waaa Waaa nobody wants to play our game, I'm not doing this next year. Nobody appreciates me.

    (Hi Ed :) )
  2. Raulandpinboy

    Raulandpinboy <font color=blue>Table-dancing auctioneer<br><font

    Jul 15, 2001
    250 sign ups let go people

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