"So Happy Together" -- ** BABY BIRD PHOTO** 7/28


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Aug 16, 2000
Well, here they are today! Continuing to grow and becoming even fuzzier! :) What's interesting to note is that there appears to be a "runt" in this brood. Perhaps he/she was the last one to hatch? Also, looks like it's getting a little cramped in their nest! I guess that will be a bit of encouragement for the little ones to begin their "flight lessons" before long!

Mom and Dad Bird have been very diligent parents. Mom spends much of her time "grocery shopping" to feed her little ones, and Dad has been extremely vigilant in his "guard duty". He can almost always be spotted in the tree beside the nest or the sapling in the front yard! :)

<img src="http://www.russellwray.com/kara/Nest-7-28.jpg">

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Jan 8, 2000
Kara, I'm impressed that you're getting such close-ups of the babies. Have the parents tried to swoop down on you yet?



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Apr 28, 2001
Oh Kara!! Their little eyes are open!! Fro is not afraid to stick his neck out, is he/she! LOL!! Awww, poor little runt. Our baby parakeets hatched days apart, so we always had babies at all stages. I hope the little runt catches up. He/she looks like a sleepy head. :) :)


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Aug 16, 2000
TC - Actually, Mom & Dad Bird have been amazingly tolerant of my DH and I each morning. We endeavor to be respectful of their "space" and don't bother them beyond our daily "photo shoot". ;) Whenever we venture onto the porch, they fly out to the sapling in our front yard (about 30 feet away) and keep their eyes on us, chirping loudly all the while -- as if to say, "We're watching you!!!" ;) LOL!

Saffron - Yes, the smallest one is definitely a "sleepyhead" -- in fact, I think you just named him!! "Sleepyhead" it is! :) We've had the devil of a time trying to get him to poke his little head up for our daily photo. I guess he hasn't heard the phrase about the Early Bird Catching the Worm!!! ;) ;) ;)

Disfanatiks - I know. I feel the same way. :( My DH and I are trying to figure out if we can set up some sort of web-cam. We'd love to see their "flight lessons". I'd hate it to find them just "gone" one day... :(


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Oct 23, 1999
Kara, that is such a good picture of the four of them!!!! I too will be sad when these babies learn to fly and go away :(


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Sep 2, 2000
I'm loving your reports and the darling pictures. I hope they stay babies for a little longer. It's fun to see them changing. :D


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May 12, 2001
They are growing well. I've really enjoyed these threads.....:D


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May 5, 2001
I can't believe how good these pics are! They look good enough to enter into a contest. What a cool thing to do!:D


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Aug 16, 2000
Maybe I'll look into submitting them to a magazine or something of that nature... :)


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Feb 17, 2000
WOW! All four of them were chirping at once--that is a great picture!! And their eyes are open, how cute!!!!! Are you printing out copies of these?


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Aug 16, 2000
I haven't printed out copies yet, but I think I'm going to make a little album of it when they fly away and there are no more pics left to take. :(


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Feb 4, 2000
I love your pics!!

I hope they don't start flying soon!!
I will miss the pics! :(


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Feb 27, 2000
Great pic Kara. They sure are growing they almost look too big for their nest.


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Nov 25, 2001
Thanks again for posting the updates........ I love watching those babies grow!!!


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