Sneakers vs. sandals in the world?


Earning My Ears
Jan 15, 2001
I've heard many people say that sneakers were more supportive and comfortable for all the walking we'll be doing in Disney. But then I just read a post asking about TEVA sandals. What do all of you veterans wear at the parks? We'll be going in May. My husband and I and my DD8 and DD4 love to wear sandals in the warm weather! I've been telling them they will need to wear sneakers...maybe I'm wrong? Any suggestions would be great! Thanks
I bring both. I wear sneakers one day and Tevas the next. Of course, my husband thinks that I carry another whole bag for my shoes alone ;).

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I don't think you will find a consensus on this issue. My trips to Disney have been jam packed full of action, no breaks or real relaxation so maybe that had something to do with my experiences.
On my trip in 1999 I wore tennis shoes to MK for one full, crazy day and got huge, painful blisters. Wore sandals the rest of the trip and the bottoms of my feet hurt to stand in addition to my blisters. In 2000 I wore sandals because I was too scared to try the tennis shoes. It didn't hurt to walk, just to stand, but I didn't get blisters. I think I'm going to go back to tennis shoes again this year and do some "Disney Training" before I go.
I wear sandals from the beginning of April until late October, so my visits to Disney World are no exception. The most important thing is for you to be comfortable. Don't try to wear something that your feet are unfamiliar'll be so sorry. Looks are second to feel. If we visit during my off-sandal time, I adjust my feet prior to the trip by wearing my sandals with socks for a week or so. My feet quickly become reaccustomed to them. Bottom line...wear only shoes that you wear at home all the time.

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I love my Teva sandals! I always wear them at the parks, and I have never had a blister! Of course, mine are well broken in and my feet are used to them, so that makes a difference. For me, tennis shoes, although comfy, are just too hot!
I and my DH wear sneakers and find them comfortable. My children, (three teenagers) swear by their Berkinstock (?spelling) sandals!!
Sneakers for Park touring, sandals for everything else (Downtown Disney, pool, etc). Make sure that the sneakers are broken in too!! We see people with hurting feet on every trip because they have to have new shoes (hi mom :))

I always wear my Teva sandels. (I have the kinetic) and have had no problems. these are built for walking so maybe that makes a difference. they also feel pretty good for long standing as well. I have discovered that my feet hurt from doing a lot of standing in my tennies. I even wore my sandels in dec while at disney. plus my feet don't get as hot like they do in an enclosed shoe.

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I'm only 34 years old but I have no idea what Teva sandals are. Where do you get them and how much do they cost?

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that are broken in already. New ones tend to make blisters.

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Sandals are wonderful IF you have a good pair with good arch supports that don't bother your feet at all. I think it's easier to find a pair of tennis shoes that are comfortable to walk around in, but they will make your feet hot. If you want to try sandals, I would get a good pair like Tevas or Birkenstocks, and then wear them on a day when you're going to be on your feet walking all day (after they've been broken in). If they make your feet or your legs hurt, they won't be good WDW shoes.

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Sneakers are too hot and sandals by themselves are rough on my feet. I know it's not the coolest (groovy, hottest, tightest, bondiggityest, pick your generation) thing but I wear my Timberland sandals with Thorlo hiking socks everywhere during the summer. On really hot days, I'll where undersocks to wick away moisture. My feet are always dry (even after Kali River), cool and never hurt.

I hate to wear sneakers in the summer. I prefer well broken in sandals for WDW. I haven't had any problems with people stepping on my toes either!
Thanks to ALL of you who responded! I appreciate all the suggestions. I think I will look for some Tevas for me and my husband will have to rough it with hot sneakers because he wears inserts in his shoes, and they just don't work in sandals! I am thinking that we'll wear sneakers to start the day and bring sandals in case we need some relief! We will have a stroller and will put the extra shoes in the basket. Thanks again! has the 2001 Teva curcuit sandles,w/the springy foot bed[what I wore,and the has no jarring thud,it was like walking on clouds] for $39.95!!! I went to the mall and tryed on several styles before buying them on-line!!

Be Sure to check out the above site! At least, if you're experimenting with the Teva, like I will be doing, you will not have spent full price! I just ordered 2 pairs for myself and DS, total $65! Granted, I would never pay that for everyday sandals but, if they work for WDW, it's gonna be worth it! AND, much more worth it than at full price!

Happy traveling! :D
Several years ago I walked the parks in comphy open light summer sandals. I never had a problem doing this before, but this time that trip did a big major job on my feet that I still have to deal with now. I came home and could not walk for days. Then I discovered that I had heal spurs from not having enough padding with all that walking on cement. I was a waitress for many years awhile back so I am sure that contributed to the weakness in my feet.

However, if your going to be doing tons of walking, make certain that whatever shoe you decide
to use...has plenty of cushion on the bottom to absorb the impact.

The only thing I would consider wearing now for lenghty walks is sneakers with inserts, (New Balance is the best).

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Wear sneakers and sneakers only. I've tried sandals and inevitably I get painful blisters. Plus my feet hurt. Now, I've never tried TEVA sandals so maybe they are the exception. But, I'm skeptical and prefer to play it safe with sneakers. You do get a funny tan because your feet remain untanned. But, you can make up for that while relaxing at your pool. I go for comfort at DW because I want to relish each and every moment. Don't want to be in pain for one second.
I take all three, all are well broken in. The sneakers are probably the least broken-in. I wear the sneakers with two pair of thin socks. Usually we hit the parks at opening and then go back to the hotel in the early afternoon for lunch, pooltime and a nap. Then back to the parks for dinner and evening.

I rotate what shoes I wear. This past trip, one week at WDW and Universal, NO BLISTERS and no hot spots!

One of my "pet" hates is men wearing sandals! - especially those men who will insist on wearing socks also! -

All I can say is "hairy big toe"! :eek: :eek:



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