Smiles, Sand and Sunstroke!! A May 2012 Beach Club Trip of a Lifetime


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Jan 25, 2011
Welcome to my trip report! First, let me introduce the cast of characters:

First, me. Self-proclaimed lover of the magic, Disney freak, Mom, hard working professional, animal lover:

Next comes DH. Great husband, Dad, home-body, enjoyer of golf, reluctant but mostly game Disney traveler (picture taken from our balcony at the BC):

Then there is my first born. kind, animal loving, thrill seeking, social, sometimes surly 11 year old:

The youngest. Loving, funny, animal loving, heat and sunblock hating, (foreshadowing for the title of our trip report!) pool loving, kiddo :

I have been planning this trip for about 10 months, soon after we returned from our Cuba holiday last May. I have found that planning the Disney trip was a vacation in itself, and the Disboards were an incredible help. Big thanks go out to all the lovely, friendly folks on the Yacht and Beach Club FAQ thread. They are the most helpful, and funniest people the interwebs have the pleasure of hosting! The pics on page 1 of the thread convinced me from the beginning that the Beach Club was the place for us. I remember seeing the entrance to the resort when we drove by during our off site vacation in 2009, and thinking how lovely it looked. Seeing the pool clinched the deal for me! During a family get-together shortly afterwards, I mentioned our trip plans to DH’s cousin and her husband, who expressed an interest in going at the same time. I pulled up the pictures and the deal was struck! I had booked a regular garden view room, but the cousins booked Club Level. I was thinking about them being able to go into the lounge, and our kids being excluded, and I thought that it would SUCK. So, I bit the bullet and upgraded to CL and started getting excited about that! Shortly thereafter, the cousins said that they switched their reservation to a one bedroom suite at the BC Villas. Once I got the idea in my head that we would have all the CL amenities, I couldn’t back down so the search for a discounted rate began! We thought about spending the money on the Villas, but then we would have a kitchen, and dishes to wash, and who needs that on vacation??? LOL Plus our kids hate to sleep together and wouldn’t be happy on a pullout for sure, so we didn’t need the hassle. So, we stuck with our original reservations, and boy we were happy to do that, especially once we got the discount! :)

All my planning is in my pre-trip report, but to summarize, I planned many rest days in our 10 day trip, because the last trip we took, my DD asked every day, “Is today a rest day???” I got park tickets for all 10 days and didn’t add the Waterpark and More option because I knew I could add it there if I wanted to, and I thought that Stormalong Bay was pretty close to being a waterpark anyway! :rotfl: However, once we got there, I was completely shocked by my kids’ reactions to being in Disney! More about that later... I also took great care with our ADRs, and made them for 8 so that both families could go. I had five early mornings planned: one for each of the parks, and one for Universal. All other days were scheduled rest days. But you know what everyone says about the best laid plans... LOL

Monday, April 30th, day before travel... Here are a couple of pictures that I took that morning on the way to work. Obviously we were SUPER HAPPY to be heading to Disney!

I took the day off so I could tidy the house, pack, and pick up some last minute items. Of course, I had to pop in to the office for “a minute” which turned into 3 hours. A coworker took me out for a nice lunch at noon and my phone rings - it’s the school. It’s DS, with the dreaded, “My throat hurts and I can’t swallow.” OMG. Ran from lunch, and called his doctor. His wonderful assistant just told me to come on in, and that someone in the practice would see him. We walked in, and walked straight in with a doctor. A quick glance, and we walked out with chewable antibiotics that we could take on the plane! DS’s summary of the taste: first, dry cardboard, then wet cardboard, then strawberry. LOL Had to run the rest of my errands with DS in tow which slowed me down, but the trip was still on! DS told me that if it turned out that he couldn’t go, he would stay with his grandmother and give his ticket to DD’s BFF so we could still go and have fun. What a kid! Of course, I told DD and she thought about hiding his pills so that this plan would come to fruition. (She was just kidding. I think!!)

While we were getting ready, the kids started bickering a lot. I told them that if they fought through the trip, the next trip I’m planning was going to be with DH and myself. DS came to me later and told me that he and DD had spoken, and they both promised to not fight during the trip, because I had worked so hard to plan and pay for the trip, and I deserved a good holiday. Couldn’t ask for anything more than that! It was a true Disney miracle. :rotfl2: We were up almost all night getting ready, and had to set the alarm for 3:20 a.m. to make our 6:00 a.m. flight. Very little sleep for all concerned! Oh well, we’ll sleep on the plane. Not! :crowded:

Next up: Travel Day and our happy arrival in the Disney Bubble!

Index to Posts:

Installment #2: Travel and Disney Bubble Arrival:

Installment #3: Day One, Part Two! Maelstrom, Teppan Edo, Soarin':

Plus Extra First Night Flower and Garden Pics:

Installment #4: Day Two, Part One! Disney Hollywood Studios and Weaponry Acquisition, plus Beaches and Cream and SAB:

Installment #5: Day Two, Part Two! Tutto familglia at Tutto Italia and Soarin' with the golf ball trick:

Installment #6: Day Three! Cape May Character Breakfast and our "No Rest" Rest Day at Typhoon Lagoon:

Installment #7: Day Four, Part One! Crystal Palace Breakfast, Magic Kingdom Day, with challenges for the uber planner:

Installment #8: Day Four, Part Two! Sunken Treasure by the Pool and EMH evening with DD at Epcot:

Installment #9: Day Five! Rest Day for Real, with 'Ohana and Wishes on the Poly Beach:

Installment #10: Day Six! Day on the Dark Side - Universal Rocks!

Installment #11: Day Seven, Part One! Animal Kingdom plus a moose sighting at home:

Installment #12: Day Seven, Part Two! Boma dinner and a rainy EMH at DHS with DD

Installment #13: Day Eight! Heat overload and Epcot Morning for some; SAB and Biergarten supper:

Installment #14: Day Nine! Sunstroke, DHS and Downtown Disney:

Installment #15: Day Ten, Part One! Solo AM EMH at MK:

Installment #16: Day Ten, Part Two! Magic Kingdom with the family, and a super special magical moment:

Installment #17: Day Ten, Part Three! Les Chefs de France and a crabby pants, and a huge scare at DHS:
  • Ninja Mom

    Attention People of Earth, I come in Peace...
    Apr 2, 2012
    I'm here peepin and I can't wait for more. You are doing an excellent job! Tell us EVERYTHING you wish and we will read every word and LOVE it!


    Beach Club Dee
    Jul 19, 2008
    I'm so in! :hyper:

    I'm sure this will be a really interesting report and all, but it can't possibly match the thrill we have all had these past 10 months following the antics of the Mickey Pushpin on your ticker as it first approached Space Ship earth, then touched it, was engulfed by the golfball and then, indicating that your trip was imminent, finally broke free and pulled away!



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    May 8, 2005
    So I was scrolling down the TR page and thought to myself, "this looks like a good one". So I'm in!

    Looks like you picked a great day to leave. Brrrrrrrrrr! So glad you were able to get your son into the doctor so quickly. Score.

    6 am flight. Yikes!

    Looking forward to more!
  • disneyfan61

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    May 1, 2005
    Hey I'll read your TR if you read mine...No really I'm here. Yuck snow at the end of April??? I would have been ready for sunny FL also!!

    Too funny about your DD hiding DS's pills.:)

    P.S. My TR is in my signature


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    Jan 25, 2011
    Thanks everyone! I'm so excited to be reliving our trip again through this report. I will try to add pictures, and will certainly describe the meals, but unfortunately I was too excited to EAT to take food porn pics. Hope that doesn't drive anyone off! I DO have a picture of the Cannoli at Tutto Italia though!

    Dee, thanks to all for sticking with me through my "ticker insanity". LOL Your ticker is looking quite healthy at the moment as well!


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    May 5, 2010
    I'm in too, following over from the BC thread. I may not post much, but I'll be lurking. *evil laugh*
  • Laffites Landing

    Sep 26, 2011
    I am here Feckless! Those of us on Beach/Yacht club forum already know some of what happened so I'm looking forward to hearing the full details!

    Btw, I wanted to tell you that I have to do a double take every time you mention the trip to Cuba. As an American, you may as well be telling us you vacationed on the Moon! It's such a foreign place to most of us! I hope your son is feeling better, btw


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    Mar 18, 2009
    Joining in, I was just at the BC from May 5-9, so maybe I saw you there! :rotfl: I just started a TR for my trip as well, if you want to hop over and say hi!


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    Mar 14, 2005
    I'm in too and can't wait to read about your club experience. We check into BC club level in less than 4 weeks :cool1::cool1::cool1:


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    Jan 25, 2011
    My TR is in my signature

    Btw, I wanted to tell you that I have to do a double take every time you mention the trip to Cuba. As an American, you may as well be telling us you vacationed on the Moon! It's such a foreign place to most of us! I hope your son is feeling better, btw
    I keep forgetting that! Very common vacation destination for Canadians. Thanks for joining in on the full report! :)

    Joining in, I was just at the BC from May 5-9, so maybe I saw you there! :rotfl: I just started a TR for my trip as well, if you want to hop over and say hi!
    Will do! :)


    May 1, 2012
    I'm in too! I can't wait to hear about BC CL. Hoping to upgrade to that one of these days!!:thumbsup2


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