Small trip report from Tokyo DL and Club 33!

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    Sep 13, 2018
    Introduction :

    Going on the trip was me, my husband Don, our son Jake, and my mother Linda. We live in Buffalo NY. My son has a DIPG inoperable brain tumor and my mother moved in as support when he was diagnosed. She has such a special relationship with Jake, we were so happy she could be included in this trip as it was his Make A Wish trip. We split the trip into 10 days in the city and 4 days at Disney with 2 days at each park. But I will only talk about the Disney part here.

    The People :

    We were a little worried when we left ,it was our first trip overseas and we don't speak any Japanese etc. But everyone was so kind to us. Our coordinators were awesome and everyone we talked to was so nice, helped us, made it possible for us to communicate and ask questions even by writing down etc. (They understood more reading then speaking). And we did not expect that but it was wonderful. My son said his face hurt by the end of the day because of smiling back to so many people LOL

    But the nicest of all was from here on the Dis Boards. @MKTokyo helped me with reading Japanese websites. She put together a small gift from the park for my son for us to give to him before the trip. Then she asked if my family would be interested to dine at Club 33. WHAT? YOU BET! I could not believe it. We did not tell my son in advance. It was a surprise for him. @MKTokyo and her fiance came to meet my family and we all had dinner together at Club 33. They were so kind to Jake and just treated him like a regular kid. He was over the moon and is still talking about his new friends. The food was incredible, beyond words. THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your kindness to my son and my family.

    The Parks :

    The parks are so amazing and we had such a good time. Our favorite rides Pooh Honey Hunt, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Sinbad, Tower of Terror. We did not do Toy Story, my son can't do that type of ride any more but it seemed very popular. I think it's the same as from other parks though. We enjoyed all the rides that are only in Tokyo as well as some that are like parks we are used to but not exactly the same. We did not experience any rides stopping or breaking down unexpectedly. So that was very nice.

    Everything was very clean. I liked it a lot that all the Japanese visitors respected the park a lot. They didn't leave trash or messy tables etc. And everyone sat for parades on a plastic sheet to keep clean. We bought some and will use at home. Speaking of buying the souvenirs, WOW! So many items to choose from, such great things. We got a soap dispenser that puts the soap in a Mickey shape, we smile whenever using it at home. We got some beautiful packaged candy and cookies to bring home for people. We got some cool shirts and kitchen supplies and other useful things without plastic stuff for the junk drawer.

    The food was very very good. There is lots of what I would call regular American food if you like familiar things, hot dogs, chicken nuggets. We tried a lot of new to us foods, some we liked, some went to the bin, some went to the bin called my husband...... :) (When I met him in college his nickname was GC "Garbage Can" because he would eat anything.) Some favorites are the green alien dumplings with sweet cream inside, Chandu's Tail, popcorn flavors and all the special drinks.

    Club 33 where we had our special dinner was really wonderful. We had a great view of the castle and all the entertainment outside right from the window! We felt very special getting buzzed in and taken to the very cool old-elegance beautiful club. Jake said he felt like it was from the time when Walt Disney was alive and he could imagine him coming in. LOL. The food was so delicious and we enjoyed it so much trying so many unique things. It was definitely a once in a lifetime experience.

    Honestly we did not have to do planning for the parks. Make A Wish handled that. So I can't help with any experiences there. If you stay at a Tokyo Disney hotel you could go in 15 minutes early. 15 minutes doesn't sound like a lot of time but it is. So I recommend using the benefit.

    And that was our trip :) If anyone has some questions I will check back later. If not thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy your own trip.
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    It's the only Toy Story Mania in Asia so it's very popular. Japanese people are very clean. After they were eliminated from the soccer World Cup, the Japanese team cleaned up their locker room before they left.
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    It sounds like you had an amazing trip!
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    It’s great to hear that you all had such a wonderful time! And dinner at Club 33 - what a wonderful surprise to experience!
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    Congrats on such a great trip! I'm sure you made a lot of special memories.

    3 weeks from now we will be there, and I'm starting to get super excited. I'm happy to see that you had the LGM dumplings. Do you remember where you found them? I saw that they were removed from their usual place in Tomorrowland due to 35th Anniversary snacks, but they were available somewhere in DisneySea but the place I read, didn't specify where exactly. I'm hoping to find them.
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    It was so nice to meet you & your family :) I’m glad you enjoyed your trip!
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    It was so very awesome of you to take Mom2JNY's family to Club 33. What an exemplary Disney fan you are!
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