small coolers on airplanes?


Earning My Ears
Oct 15, 1999
I have a small cooler that would easily fit under a seat. Do airlines let you bring them onboard? We're taking a night flight and it would sure be nice to have drinks and snacks handy.

Sorry, not much of a flier so I was hoping some of you big travellers would know!
Shouldn't be a problem, as long as you are willing to let them search it.
I was worried about the food items I was bringing onboard a couple weeks ago (sealed rum coolers and boxed chocolates--I didn't want to open any of it, as we were bringing them as gifts for the Wonder crew). My gift bags were searched very thoroughly, but they didn't make me break any of the seals and they let me carry all of it onboard. A cooler should be much less hassle!
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Thanks! I'll give it a shot. Last time we travelled at night, we had an hour layover and thought that it would be a good time for breakfast. But our connecting flight was on the opposite side of the airport and there was no place to eat. Just fruit and junk vendors! This time I'm going to be prepared. At least have some oj or apple juice and cereal bars!
The airlines are very used to seeing them these days, now that so many have cut back on in-flight food service. We mostly fly SWA, so we got into the habit of bringing goodies a long time ago. We like to bring really GOOD goodies, too; it's a vacation, after all! I have a local restaurant/caterer pack us up something special. We always throw in a ziploc of wet wipes and a couple of Shout wipes; spills happen.


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