slo’s WEDNESDAY 2/28 poll - Skiing ⛷️

Skiing - Are you or were you a skier and how often do you ski? (m.c.)

  • I’m currently a skier

    Votes: 10 11.2%
  • I was a skier

    Votes: 17 19.1%
  • I tried skiing in the past

    Votes: 33 37.1%
  • I hit the slopes once a year

    Votes: 2 2.2%
  • I hit the slopes multiple times a year

    Votes: 7 7.9%
  • I do not ski every year

    Votes: 21 23.6%
  • I ski/ed with family

    Votes: 26 29.2%
  • I ski/ed with friends

    Votes: 23 25.8%
  • I ski/ed with others - please post who

    Votes: 4 4.5%
  • Other - please post your answer

    Votes: 21 23.6%

  • Total voters


My tag used to say - I'm a Tonga Toast Junkie 😁
Feb 28, 2004
Winter time is the perfect time to go skiing. Many people love to do this activity and look forward to their skiing trips every year. How about you……

Are you a skier?
Do you currently ski or did you ski in the past?
If you currently ski…how often do you hit the slopes?
Who do you ski with?
(multiple choice)

For Me…….I went skiing one time in my life and I hated every single minute of it (sorry skiers). I’ve never had a desire to try it again - I’m not a winter girl and want no part of winter activities. Skiing has been on my mind lately because a 22yr old lovely young lady I knew died while skiing a few weeks ago - she hit a tree. So if you are a skier, please be careful when hitting the slopes.

I tried skiing once back in the early 1980s. While I didn’t hate it, it just didn’t appeal enough to give it a second shot.
I've never been skiing. Doesn't appeal to me.
DS and DH used to go when in Boy Scouts.
Neither or them have been for many years

I’m so sorry for your loss.

I tried skiing once in college and I hated it. I love the mountains and like snow, but I felt too out of control to enjoy any of it.

DH used to go skiing at least once a year and we’ve taken the kids several times. I’m content to stick to apres ski areas and activities like tubing. We did visit Mammoth in CA one year and I took the gondola up to the top for the view. Ski Patrol even let me into their quarters for their incredible view.
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I've never been skiing, or done any other winter activity like that. Being from South Louisiana, no options for stuff like that. I only saw snow 3 times in my life growing up.
I do wish I'd taken the kids to try it, their cousins love going to the ski resort near them, DS would probably like it.
Sorry about your loss.
Yes, it has been several years since I have been, but I do consider myself my skier. We have a very small ski place in southern Indiana where my boys learned to ski when they were about 6 and 8 years old. It is only open about 8 weeks a year becuase we just don't get the sustained cold weather here.

Four years ago we went to Killington, Vermont for a week to ski. It was awesome. The boys skied on the harder slopes. I prefer to stick to the easy ones. Sking feels very "natural" to me, but I have no desire to go fast or try challenging slopes.

My dad is in his seventies and still goes on a ski trip out west every year. I believe he was in Telluride earlier this month.

My mom was in a club called Snow Chasers and went at least once a week to a local hill and dragged us the mountains on weekends and school break. I hated it. When I was in my 20’s my ex had a buddy with a huge chalet and we went with 5 other couples many times each winter. I still hated it so I would go early, do a couple of runs and beg off to go back and make dinner and do the baking. No one seemed to mind. I always preferred apres ski in the lodge anyway!

Sorry about your friend. That’s tragic. People wear safety gear now too. We had none of that at all.There are a lot of people completely unaware of how dangerous it can be.
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I went skiing with Girl Scouts when I was much younger. I got down the mountain once sitting on the skis. Figured I try again and fell off of the tow. You held on and it drug you up the mountain. Halfway up I hit a rut, the skis went in 2 different directions and down I went. It was a bit embarrassing having the ski patrol come and take me down the mountain on a backboard. I managed to sprain BOTH of my ankles. I have had ankle issues ever since and never felt the desire to risk my life again. I'll stick to the beach, the sun & sand and the waves.

Three of my grandsons prefer snow boarding but they do ski on occasion. My SIL's aunt lives in the Pocono Mountains so they visit her once a winter at least.

Sorry for your loss Slo.
I went on a ski trip once in the early ‘90s with some family and friends. I think we went to Massachusetts to a resort for a long weekend. I hated it and never went skiing again. I hate the cold, I was horrible at it, etc. at least I can say I tried it. I’m definitely more of a warm beach vacation type person.
I'm going to answer yes even though I snowboard but don't ski. Admittedly it is expensive and time consuming to get the right equipment, clothing, and travel to a mountain, but it's worth doing every now and then.
Never skied. I blame my mom. She grew up in Canada and moved here to escape the snow and NEVER understood why someone would voluntarily go to the snow, let along PAY to go. And she was a Surgical RN that worked on the orthopedic team and in the winter their case load was heavy with injuries suffered skiing. She was not a fan of any injury that she felt could have been avoided by NOT doing something risky.
My daughter for her 30th birthday went with some friends skiing. She had a great time but probably won't go again just because the lift ticket was $142 for the day, only because it was a weekday. Weekend lift tickets are $199. With ski rental she was into it for $250 and she just can't afford that.
@Micca Ron, I'll keep you company in the lodge! Give me a roaring fire and a hot toddy over a ski slope ANY day!

I have been downhill skiing 5 times, maybe, back in my high school days. I never liked it. Being strapped into fixed-angle boots and on to skis made my hips want to pop out of the sockets! I never felt like I had enough control of the skis- or my speed- to be safe. I am also not a fan of winter, snow, ice, and cold, so those also were detrimental. If I never downhill ski again, I'd be fine.

I did enjoy cross country skiing when in my 20s, but that was 45 years ago. Not gonna try it again- too cold, too old.
I enjoyed skiing and we went on vacations with friends many years. We skied in PA, Vermont, Maine, NJ and Colorado.

Our sons enjoy skiing with their families. We are finished!


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