slo’s FRIDAY 8/19 poll - Landline

Do you still have a landline?

  • Yes - I’ll always have it

    Votes: 38 26.0%
  • Yes - we’re considering getting rid of it

    Votes: 14 9.6%
  • Yes - we are getting rid of it

    Votes: 6 4.1%
  • No - I got rid of it this year

    Votes: 5 3.4%
  • No - I got rid of it last year

    Votes: 4 2.7%
  • No - I got rid of it a long time ago

    Votes: 62 42.5%
  • No - I never had one

    Votes: 10 6.8%
  • Other - please post your answer

    Votes: 7 4.8%

  • Total voters


DIS Veteran
Oct 11, 2006
I still have my landline and use it everyday. I just don’t like talking on my cellphone. It is part of my Verizon fios bundle. If it was much cheaper to drop it I probably would but it’s not so we will just continue with it.


I was a click-clack champ!!
May 16, 2006
We have one and ii is part of the bundle along with TV & Internet.
Same here.

When DD was a bit younger and didn’t have a cell phone yet (it was quite a few years ago when kids didn’t get them quite so young as now), it was quite the issue when she was babysitting at a house without a landline. How would she call 911? I think they should remain for safety.
This is one reason. If you call 911 from a landline, they know exactly where you are. Cell phones are "fuzzier" in that regard.

We have the land line as part of our TV, internet bundle. We like it because we can use the landline phone number for all those merchants that require a phone number. That way we can reduce the amount of spam calls to our cell phones.
This is another reason. I hate to put my cell on store rewards accounts and stuff.

One other reason is I do occasionally have signal issues with my cell phone at home. I like to be able to call back on the landline in that case.


DIS Veteran
Nov 12, 2006
I got rid of mine last year when I lost my job, as I couldn’t justify paying for two phones. I hated to though, because during and just after a hurricane, the cell towers weren’t working and the landline did. I am concerned about being able to call for help if I couldn’t use the cell. That may be one of the first things I reinstate when I am working again. They have a budget plan here for local calls only that runs about $30, including caller ID. I don’t need long distance calling on the landline.


Being a Nana is my superpower
Mar 31, 2002
We got rid of it about a year after we moved into this house, so 10-11 years ago.
Never missed it, When we got rid of it, it was $20

Good luck with the moved....and best wishes to Katie.
My DD called everyday for the first month or so and then she settled in with routine and friends
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Praying Colonel

DIS Veteran
Aug 16, 2004
We've been cell phone only for about 20 years now. Can't say we've ever had a moment where we said, "Dang, I wish we had our landline phone."


DIS Veteran
May 26, 2015
We are the weird ones considering getting a landline just to put off the inevitable kids getting cell phones a few more years. We've got a 5th grader and a 2nd grader. I'm hoping to wait until 8th grade (which is at the HS.)


I'm happy to dance with you!
Aug 26, 2003
I voted other. We have one, but if we ever were charged sonething like your new rate, we would get rid of it for sure!


DIS Veteran
May 4, 2018
We built a house in 2014, no landline since then. Haven't missed it, but luckily we get good cell service at the house.


(Avatar art by my daughter)
Jan 27, 2005
The landline is good for calling 911, for giving out when you sign up for something, and for kids without cell phones. I also have kept ours to support our tiny local phone cooperative. They are our only option for internet and I want them to survive. Our account number is in the very low 3 digits so I know there aren't tons of customers!


Be Charitable
Oct 2, 2020
We did not have one for years, but when I called to downgrade my cable they put me on a package with one for cheaper than I'd been paying. I never use it and don't know the number off hand.


DIS Veteran
Jun 29, 2016
I've never had one at my house (2.5 years). I was living with my parents before that, they do still have a landline.


DIS Veteran
Apr 1, 2001
I have had the same landline # for 44 years. I have taken it down to the absolute basic line, but it’s still $50 a month with AT&T. I have listed my cell # as my primary number on everything I can think of, but I am having trouble getting rid of the line. I probably will eventually. Seems like a waste of money, doesn’t it?


Feb 27, 2002
finally convinced DW to get rid of it earlier this year. was getting mostly spam calls anyway. retooled my comcast bill and cut it by about 1/3 !


DIS Veteran
Apr 3, 2005
When DD was a bit younger and didn’t have a cell phone yet (it was quite a few years ago when kids didn’t get them quite so young as now), it was quite the issue when she was babysitting at a house without a landline. How would she call 911? I think they should remain for safety.
Not sure why it would be the other parents' responsibility to make sure the babysitter had access to a phone. If she's old enough to babysit, she's old enough for at least a basic dumb cell phone.


DIS Veteran
Feb 20, 2006
We’ve had it for 27 years, my IL’s are 95, it’s the number they call, once they’re gone we will get rid of it, we want to ditch cable and that $20 bill will increase without bundling.


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