slo’s FRIDAY 2/3 poll - Universal Studios Florida

Universal Studios Florida - Have you been and when?

  • Yes - I’ve been to Universal Studios Florida

    Votes: 90 73.2%
  • No - I’ve not been to Universal Studios Florida

    Votes: 18 14.6%
  • This year 2023

    Votes: 4 3.3%
  • Last year 2022

    Votes: 20 16.3%
  • 2021

    Votes: 9 7.3%
  • 2020

    Votes: 5 4.1%
  • 2019

    Votes: 13 10.6%
  • 2018 or earlier

    Votes: 70 56.9%
  • I’ve never been to Universal Studios Florida

    Votes: 9 7.3%
  • Other - please post your answer

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters


My tag used to say - I'm a Tonga Toast Junkie 😁
Feb 28, 2004
Have you been to Universal Studios Florida?
If yes…..when was your last visit?
(multiple choice)

For Me…..It was exactly 4 years ago (2019 - during the polar vortex - my fellow Chicagoans know what I’m talking about). The pictures came up on my Facebook memories, which is what inspired this poll. DH won a local radio contest that gave us free flights, free rental car, free hotel for an area by Sarasota (I don’t remember where - it was a beach town, but it was so cold that we couldn’t enjoy the area - I’m sure it’s fun when it’s hot out). After our stay there we went to Universal Studios for 2 days and it was a lot of fun, especially since I’m a Harry Potter nerd. I have to work on getting DD19 to watch the HP movies so we can return there and have her with us this time.



DIS Veteran
Mar 3, 2022
I'm actually going tomorrow to pick up my annual pass and spend the weekend there so the timing on this thread is very convenient lol

My last trip was the week of Christmas + NYE. If you can help it, don't go during that week. INSANELY crowded. At least I got to try hot butterbeer for the first time. It's way better than the regular one.


DIS Veteran
Jun 10, 2018
Yes! several times. First time was 2000, and most recently, Oct, 2022. Have tentative plans for this coming Oct also, and maybe either March or June. We've loved Universal since our first trip in 2000, but once they added Harry Potter, even more so! Now I"m dreaming of butterbeer....


DIS Veteran
May 2, 2009
Went last year - first time back in 20 years ! Still enjoy the Parks and need to spend more time there in the future - Universal to me is a lot cheaper than Disney and I love me some Harry Potter !!!! Those Dinosaurs and ET aren’t bad either
With that brings said my main drawback I can’t ride roller coasters and Universal is like the King of coasters so for a lot of it I’m in it for the scenery and pictures while my party rides coaster after coaster -some of those coasters are like 😱😱😱 wow !


Being a Nana is my superpower
Mar 31, 2002
Yes....we've been several times.
Stopped going when DGD was young and there was very little for her to do.
We ended up not going the second planned day and took her to MK instead

fly girl

DIS Veteran
Jan 20, 2012
Yes, we have been several times. This past summer was our most recent visit. Finally got to ride Hagrid's and Velocicoaster.


DIS Veteran
Apr 17, 2011
We had not visited in many years stayed on Universal property for the first time for 2 nights at Portofino the week before Thanksgiving 2021 prior to Disney and loved it!

Uncle Coaster

Mar 15, 2018
I’ve been four times. Three were one day visits while the most recent in November 2021 was scheduled to be a three day on-site visit. I ended up skipping the parks on day three and getting a WDW park hopper instead. I may go back when the new park opens but it really isn’t for me.


DIS Veteran
Sep 20, 2008
Never been there. We will be staying at the Grand Californian in June so we plan and giving the Hollywood location a try while we are there. DD went last summer and said it was a lot of fun.


DIS Veteran
Feb 1, 2015
I have over 10 years ago. We were on an 8 night WDW vacation and spent one day at Universal . I'm pretty sure the Harry Potter area was fairly new because there were only 2, possibly 3 attractions and that was all. We had a good time but I've never had a "pull" to go back.


DIS Veteran
Sep 14, 1999
I've been twice, but really only for the Harry Potter stuff. DD and I went a long time ago, maybe the first year or 2 that Hogwarts was open. We were both mesmerized by the castle and Hogsmeade! DD rode the Hulk 3 times (4?- single rider, I don't do coasters) and Jurassic Park once, but that was it; we spent most of our time being enthralled by the HP stuff. DH and I went on 12/26/19 as he hadn't seen any of the HP stuff, and it was a nightmare. We started in Hogsmeade, which was PACKED, then took the train over to Diagon Alley. Crowds were even worse, literally shoulder-to-shoulder! I'd not been before, couldn't get my bearings, and started to have a panic attack, so we left the area and strolled the rest of the park. We are not familiar with most of Universal's movies or TV shows and I don't ride anything with big drops, that goes around, or goes upside down, so except for the Harry Potter stuff, Universal doesn't hold much interest for me.


DIS Veteran
Feb 9, 2017
I’ve been to both parks/resorts on both coats and I really love universal I do, but staying on property in Orlando was such a bad experience (minus the closeness to everything) that while I’m open to trying it again, it won’t be for a while.

Also I will say this: my 2021 trip to Florida (check my signatures for those reports) was right before genie plus and our first experience using fastpass and thank god we stayed at one of the hotels that offered it on property because the expense for that alone would’ve been insane! It’s what fuels my “standby and virtual queue are the best” options when it comes to pay to get to front of line access discussions. (In USH we used the DAS system which is completely different over there).

But again I love Universal. Both coasts and similarities and MAJOR differences but my family and I love and enjoy both. Food is really good, TMs are good, entertainment is good. Just wish there were less screen based rides.


I'm not grumpy; you're too happy.
Jun 9, 2020
Went to check out the newish Harry Potter world (only had the 1 side at the time). This was before kids. Getting excited to plan a trip in the next few years since we are now all invested in the books, including grandma!

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