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Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by Bennet, Feb 3, 2001.

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    Nov 19, 2000
    I'm interested in anyone who has used DVC points in exchange for a ski trip. Where did you go? how were the accomodations? and most important how many points did you use.


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    May 28, 2000
    I've never exchanged DVC points but have skied there.

    Breckenridge: Stayed at Marriott Mountain Valley
    It's supposed to be ski in/out because they moved the lift closer. If I buy any Marriott, it would be here because I love to ski. We stayed at a studio but we were just a family of 3 then. We are family of 4 now. It's above average place. The skiing is great but can be crowded. The terrain is easy to medium at this location. You have to walk out quite a bit to get to a decent restaurant. But Breck is a hopping, jumping town that you'll have no problem finding your flavor. The kids ski school is across a bridge. But the nursery is by Beaver Run Resort. You'd have to drive there or take a shuttle. I would not walk it. It up a slope.

    Keystone: Never stayed there. River Run has lots of condos. A freind of mine stayed there. He said it was just a place to stay and rest your bones after skiing. It's nice but he said the Marriott in Aruba was nicer by way far. There's things to do in the immediate area. Kids ski school and nursery is not at this location but at Mountainside. They had moved it about 2 years ago. You will have to drive there or take a bus. The terrain is easy at this location. Not all of the condo here are ski in/out. You have to walk across the bridge to the lift. But you can store your skiis overnight at the lifts for a fee. Be careful at the end of the day. It gets really crowded more than Breck or Copper.

    Copper: I forgot the exact name. It's like: The Greens Village of Copper at West Village. It says it is is a ski in/out but when I saw it, it looks like you have to cross a parking lot to get to the lifts. I've never stayed here. The terrain in this area is high blue to hard black. I'd be too tired to go down after a long day of skiing so I stay at a ski in/out owner owned condo in Center Village where the terrain is easy to hard blue. The nursery is at this location. The kids ski school is at east village. You'll have to take the shuttle or drive to drop off your kids. Problem is the parking lot gets full really fast. You could walk to it by the slopeside but its a hike.

    My favorite mountain to ski is Copper because it is not crowded compared to Keystone and Breck. But the lines to buy lift tickets or kids ski school is a zoo. It's the worst place. The lift tickets are cheaper here.

    Breck is my favorite service oriented ski place. You don't wait long at lines to buy lift tickets or to drop off kids for ski school. The lift lines tend to be long.

    I can't give too much info on Keystone because I skied there just once for 1/2 a day. I remember it being just crowded at the base of the mountain at the end of the day.

    The other places I've skied are Sunshine in Banff, Canada, Squaw Valley, Heavenly, and Sierra at Tahoe, and at Toas in New Mexico just to let you know what I am comparing to. But we stayed in hotels or privately owned condos. I don't know of any DVC point condos at those locations.

    Next year, we are trying to go to Salt Lake City for the Olympics. I hope to trade in the Park City area but I am not having any luck thus far.

    Happy ski trails,


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