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    May 24, 2017
    I'm planning on getting married at WDW in December 2018 and will be visiting WDW in October 2017. We are going to have an Escape wedding and with the price changes, we are now interested in Canada Pavilion (previously I thought we would definitely do Sea Breeze Point). Since we are going to be there, we want to take the opportunity and look at the venues as well as maybe look at The Attic where I'm thinking we could do a brunch reception if we get married at the Canada Pavilion. Since we are doing Escape and are outside of the planning window, would we be able to schedule a site visit or would they not do that for us? I thought about just informally going over there too although I don't know that we could just go up and look at The Attic since it is only used for receptions (not a regular restaurant).
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    They are probably going to tell you they don't do site visits for Escape events, but it's worth asking in case you get some pixie dust. You can visit Canada Terrace on your own; the Attic is usually locked when not in use. You could see if a cast member at the BoardWalk would be willing to let you in if you explain that you're planning a Disney wedding and want to see the space. Alternatively, you could tell DFTW that you're interested in a Wishes wedding at Canada Terrace and the Attic in order to get a site visit on your trip. It's not unheard of for people to change from one type of a wedding to another before they sign the contract.
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    We are doing an Escape vow renewal this December and having our ceremony and buffet brunch at The Attic.

    We also wanted to see The Attic before we were in our window when we were on holiday at WDW last summer and as we're from the UK it was our only opportunity.

    I explained our situation to the front desk at The Boardwalk Hotel and they arranged for us to meet with one of their event cast members who very kindly took us up to The Attic and showed us around. We spent about 30 minutes up there poking our noses into everything!

    So it certainly doesn't hurt to ask as they will probably accommodate you if they can.
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