Sister in law diagnosed with breast cancer

Discussion in 'Coping and Compassion' started by matt&jakesmom, Dec 11, 2006.

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    Mar 21, 2005
    I have not been on this thread before until now. Just found out that my sister in law (41 years old) has breast cancer. She recently had the lump removed and is now leaning to have the mascetomy (sp?)

    Her spirts are good. She is a very strong willed person. In fact she said that when the cancer was confirmed and she left the Dr.'s office she told her husband that she was going back to work. She said "what was I supposed to do go home and cry about it, what's done is done and have to move forward"

    Her only concern is money. When she does have the mascetomy she will be out of work for a while. She is only part time and will not get paid. My brother in law works but they depend on her income as well for bills. I have already told her to contact her credit card companies, utilities & mortgage companies to let them know what is happening so they can work with them.

    Does anyone know if there are programs thru the breast cancer fund that offer financial assistance, any websites that are more helpful than others?

    Thank you ahead of time for any assistance you may have.
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    I'm sorry about your sister :hug: but it sounds as though she has a great attitude :thumbsup2
    I do not know of any websites specifically regarding financial assistance...but she should check with her hospital/treatment center for guidance about local programs --for financial resources as well as infomation/education and emotional resources too, like support groups.

    Also...we have had a thread going for about a year and a half on the community board. It's not just breast cancer survivors though most of the "regulars" there are. We welcome other DISers touched in any way by breast cancer, lots of DISers like yourself have popped in and out if someone close to them is diagnosed.

    One of the best sites for general info is www.

    Here is a link to the DIS thread....don't try to start at the beginning and read all through, just jump on in and post your question there, we'd be happy to help!!

    DIS GAGWTA Breast Cancer Survivor thread

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