Sing Along at Jellyrolls! Day Seven

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    Feb 5, 2001
    After a great night's sleep, we decided to go back to the Magic Kingdom this morning. Our bus driver was really great. He commented on the way that EPCOT actually stands for, "Every person comes out tired". I love getting little trivia information from cast members.

    Our plan was to see things in the MK that we hadn't seen yet on this trip. However, first stop was of course Buzz Lightyear. Okay, does someone have that number for the support group? ;) We did this twice (dh maxed out both times and I was nowhere even close!). We then did Alien Encounter for the first time on this trip. It was fun, but the shoulder restraint was really tight on me and it hurt throughout the ride. Ah well. We surivived the attack and decided to try Goofy's Barnstormer. I had never done it before. What a cute little ride! Dh learned rather quickly that the ride isn't built for men over 6feet! We wandered around toon town and visited both Minnie and Mickey's homes. What a nice job they did on Minnie's house with all of its detail. Children just love watching that popcorn pop!

    We took the train to Frontierland and walked right onto the raft to Tom Sawyer's island. How relaxing it was on the island. The caves are really fun to visit even if you do get lost in them! We then made PR for Liberty Tree Tavern and went to the Country Bear Jamboree again. Dh can sing the Liverlips McGraw song! I made him memorize the words so whenever I need a "Disney kick", dh is prepared! We then had lunch at Liberty Tree. We had the pilgrim's feast. What a treat! The butter was incredible as was the entire meal. After feeling very pampered, we decided to go to Swiss Family Robinson. I liked learning how they basically had running water in their kitchen! I kept looking over at the Haunted Mansion wishing it were open! I was just hoping like mad that it would open on time so we could see it on our last day. We haven't seen the Hall of Presidents since President Bush was introduced there, so we decided to go. I know most people consider this show a sleeper, but we quite like it. I've always been a history buff so any Canadian or American history I can get is a bonus.

    As we exited HofP, we found an excellent place to stand for the Share a Dream Parade. I had never seen this parade so I wanted to catch it on this trip. We liked it but boy oh boy, it was a HOT day! After the parade, we got yet another citris swirl and took the bus back to the hotel for a much needed swim!

    Jellyrolls was on the agenda for the evening so we decided to take the bus to Epcot and just walk to Jellyrolls on the boardwalk. We decided to first have dinner on the boardwalk at the pizza place (I can't remember the name!). It was just lovely eating outside watching the surreys go by along with the jugglers and musicians. It was like a fairytale. We went to Jellyrolls around 8:00pm. I didn't realize they no longer had free admittance for people who go early. Not a problem though as the price is pretty good. The place was still pretty empty when we arrived so the piano players had fun talking to the 5 people who were there. I still giggle when people are surprised to learn we're Canadian. It's like we're celebrities sometimes! We ended up staying for close to 4hrs just laughing and singing along. I highly recommend it to music lovers. It's a must-see for our trips.

    After leaving Jellyrolls, we took a quiet stroll around the boardwalk one last time before getting the bus at the Beach Club. I generally didn't mind not having a car on this trip, but late night transportation was a problem. We had to take the bus to downtown disney and then catch our bus back to the hotel. It took a lot of time. But then, it was nice to just sit back and relax and not worry about directions! Another fun Disney day!
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    Isn't Jellyrolls a fun place - thanks for posting!

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