Sim cards/phones in Orlando

I have an EE contract just for the roaming pass as well because we do a lot of travelling. They have increased the price recently to £15 per month but still worth it at that price. It's a rolling 30 day contract, so you can cancel it at the end of the trip rather than being locked into paying every month.
We are on sky mobile, i think we just pay £2 per day for any usage and it gives us access to all our usual calls and data we would have back home.

can I ask a basic question on the back of this…? We had no problems with using our data last year but I couldn’t seem to make calls to US numbers so i struggled to get in contact with our driver when we arrived at MCO. Is there something basic i need to do in order to dial us numbers?
Did you type 00 and the country code (1) before the number, taking off a zero as needed?

As far as sims go I chanced it at disney last year. Was fine to begin with as all of the resort had wifi and so did walmart etc for booking bolt/uber. We only had trouble trying to get a bolt where the rideshare meeting place was too far from the park to use the WiFi (TTC, DHS) and out on a residential street when they couldn't work out how to get into our gated resort to pick us up. We walked out to meet them but never managed to.
I may add that WiFi coverage is limited in certain areas (like ride-share meeting points far from the park). And there are access issues in gated communities (drivers not being able to get in).


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