Silver Lakes, Orange Lake, High Point, or HGVC?


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Feb 27, 2000
I'm looking to book a vacation getaway through RCI. My choices for room size and date (2 bedroom, middle May) are Silver Lake, Orange Lake Country Club, High Point Resort, or HGVC at Seaworld. Anyone have any experiences (good or bad) that can help me with my indecision? They all look good on the websites & RCI site. I do know, though, that looks can be deceiving.:D
We are "owners" there - stayed there the first time in April 2000 and will be staying there for our 2nd time in 8 weeks.

We like the location. the size/decor of the condos, and the amenities on location (including organized recreational activities, in-room massages, etc.).

We actually were going to stay at an RCI property this April, but due to problems we rebooked yesterday (lucked out big time that there was a 3 bed unit available for the 2 weeks we'll be there).

When deciding on a property I would recommend closely looking at resort amenities offered that you want (i.e. pool area, if you want organized activities onsite, etc.), room amenities (sizes of beds, washer/dryer availability, TVs, VCRs, etc.), look at the number of points that you need for each location (I'm assuming the same # of points regardless of property, but if I'm wrong, you'll need to weigh the # of points against what you'll get in return).
We're not using an exchange, instead purchasing a "getaway" week through RCI. The costs for the week range from $349-$429, which isn't that big a difference to stress over. We'll be spending a bit of time at the parks, but also look at pools, kids activities, decor, etc. We're leaning towards Orange Lake but have yet to make the final decision.
We have stayed once at HGVC and twice at Orange Lake. In fact we were just at Orange Lake in a 3 bedroom during Christmas. Personally, I like Orange Lake better. They have a new pool called Spash Lagoon which my kids loved! One thing I really did not like about HGVC is they did not have security gates/guards, Orange Lake does.

Silver Lake is the closest to WDW. Orange Lake has the most activities for all ages and one of its pool areas offers a slide. Hilton is the most elegant.

High Point is the only one I wouldn't recommend, based on reviews I've read. The other three are very, very nice resorts and you'd probably have a great time at any of them. :)
Agree with all posts especially Lisa...SLake is very close to Disney Akingdom and great master bedroom with whirlpool and shower.....Olake is HUGE....we drove for what seemed like 10 minutes just to get to our condo in the North addition..pool is great.....putt putt for 24 dollars for the family for a week is a good deal......the par 3 golf course for 20 dollars is also very nice.....HGVC is quite a drive to Disney.....Olake is about 8 mintes.....SLake is 2 to 3 minutes on Sherberth road.......Olake also had a very nice bath in master and nice patio....any of these 3 will be 1st class accomodations for you and your family......FYI our son said the pull out couch at OLake was very comfortable....enjoy....Ted
I don't think that High Point should be considered in this group of resorts.. It should be your last choice... The others all have pro's and con's but are at least the same class of resort.. I was just there In orlando, and High Point was selling red weeks for 3995.00! the same weeks with those other resorts are at least 10000.00.... Was Celebration World resort a choice? WE just returned from a week from RCI there and it was very nice!

High Point was already my #4 choice, but I was still interested in hearing experiences. Celebration came up with 1 bedroom searches, but not 2. With wife, 2 kids, and mom-in-law, I'd prefer at least 2 bedrooms.

I'm pretty set on going with Orange Lake. The jacuzzi's at Silver Lake, though, are quite tempting. :D I've been able to find tons of positive reports about Orange Lake on the Tug website.
I have toured the 2 bedrooms at Orange lake and I know you will be pleased. I tried to get them to let me see the inside of SilverLake and they said they were too busy. The pool, lobby and gift shop at SL looked very nice. My newest "hobby" is touring RCI resorts in Orlando area for future trades!


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