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  1. DizGeek

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    Jul 20, 2004
    About a year ago, I was singled out because of an extra line or 2 in my signature. I was forced to remove it. I cant believe the size of some of the pictures/sigs people have! They are way over the few "past trips" I had....and the members that are using these sigs have 1,000's of posts. Have they changed the policy?

  2. Caskbill

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    Nov 19, 2000
    There is no change in policy, and in fact the signature guidelines have been tightened. We are aware there are a large number of posters who far exceed guidelines and we are dealing with them.

    Unfortunately many posters never check the guidelines in the first place and when they see other posters with large signatures they think they can do the same. That is why we are working on automatic controls for the signature entries that will prohibit users from creating signatures that do not meet guidelines. Hopefully these controls will be in place soon.

    When ready we plan on having a large crackdown on signatures.

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