Should we join the Disney Vacation Club?

Should We Join the DVC?

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Earning My Ears
Jan 20, 2002
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We may be 24 hours away from making the major decision to join the DVC! We have been to other discussion boards and received other opinions about whether we should join or not. Because of the cost of this thing we want to make sure we are making the right decision.

Is there anyone out there who has regretted the decision to join the DVC? Would you do it again knowing what you know now? The more opinions we get in the next 24 hours will help us make up our minds. Thank you for all you imput!!
How about some quick background....How often do you go to WDW? How often do you plan to in the future? Financially, is this possible or a major stretch?
hi: only you can make this decision for yourselves. each situation is unique. Pam has asked the right questions that you will have to answer. the only regret i've seen posted on these boards (and is also true in our case) is not having bought in sooner.
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The reason we have considered doing this is that I think the Disney bug has bitten us. Since 2000, we have made the trip to Disney a regular routine, and as long as we can continue that there is not a reason right now that I can think of that this trend will stop. We even feel like regulars now, and have been backstage, visiting the first floor of the MK during the Backstage Magic tour last year. Affording this right now is not a problem, just the thought of being married to disney for 40 years. Right now however, we don't have a problem with doing that either.


Every timeshare we have looked at in the past, no matter where it was at, we have laughed at, thinking the "sucker born every minute" theory. This one seems very different, flexable, and Disney. It leaves us with the question, Should I trust these guys?

I would simply say to go into this transaction with your eyes open, don't expect more from Disney or DVC than what they are contractually obligated to do. They will hold up their end of the deal, but don't expect unwritten perks since those would probably up dues for everyone. It seems that the people who are dissappointed with DVC expected much more than they were ever supposed to receive. Remember that certain privledges, like pool hopping, store/meal/UMP discounts, etc., can be discontinued at any time.

Now, we joined at OKW in 1992, and have added on 3 times (also at OKW) and have absolutely no regrets, and would join again in a heartbeat. DVC has given us flexabily and many, many wonderful WDW memories.
Pilgrim, I wouldn't hesitate IF you plan on visiting WDW at least every other year AND you generally prefer to stay on-site; if you're willing to stay off-site, you can visit much, much cheaper than via DVC. I wouldn't buy into DVC with the thought of primarily using it as a trading vehicle. There are much less expensive timeshares available for trading; DVC has its greatest value via the use of DVC resorts.

I understand the trust issue. We too were always reticent about purchase of other timeshares. However, I wouldn't worry about DVC UNLESS you anticipate the demise or bankruptcy of the Disney corporation.
I think everyone has given you good points to consider. You sound like it would be a good match. Now, you've got to trust your instinct. You can always sell if it doesn't work out but chances are you will love your DVC membership. The one other consideration is your ability to plan ahead. It is usually possible to get what you want even on shorter notice but if you pretty much vacation the same time(s) of year, it makes the decision even easier.

The Disney Vacation Club is one of the highest rated timeshares in the world based on a survey of The Timeshare Users Group.

If you want the Magic of Disney every year (or even every other year) with room to spread out then DVC is for you.

In the end, once your points are paid off, you will be getting deluxe and spacious Disney accommodations for about the price of the All-Star Resorts.
Only you can make this decision!
We are members of TUG and own several other timeshare weeks.
Many TUG members own off site weeks that have high maintenance costs and do not exchange well.
Think the members of this board have given very good advice. The primary advice is ' buy where you want to spend your vacations'.
Wish that we joined DVC earlier. Did not see the intangible benefits of the resorts and staying on site.

:) :) :) :)
Best decision we ever made, and we bought a whopping big contract for 460 points! It cost us 23,000--that's $53 a point, and we bought it just over a year ago. Couldn't be happier: it's worth more now, but we get (if we want) up to 5 weeks a year at Old Key West FOR THE NEXT FORTY YEARS!!! We pay only the condo tax each year.
Just this past December, my wife and I took her parents to the Animal Kingdom Lodge. Rooms would have been $250 a night, savanah view. We took two rooms for five nights. That would have cost us $2,500. Instead, we just used points ... and we have lots and lots of points left over. Enough for us to go on a cruise and go to WDW within the same use year.
It's so much fun you could die.
If you want some strong advice, buy a RESALE contract at Old Key West. The points cost less.
The end result is absolutely NO different than buying retail from Disney.
You can always sell it, rent the points, or trade the points.
It is so utterly flexible.
We've even gone to Disneyland and stayed at the Grand Californian--$350 a night!!! No problem ... no cash ... just points.
Hi Pilgrim!

Just wanted to add my two cents. We are new DVC members. My family has our first stay at Hilton Head planned for Thanksgiving week this year and I'm considering (shush, don't tell hubby) a Beach Club Villa add on. We are very pleased with our purchase and look forward to the next 40 years being able to take Disney vacations. Whether you should purchase or not is as so many others have mentioned a personal family decision. It has taken me almost 2 years to convince my husband this was right for us and all that has happened is that DVC has gone up in price from about $62 per point when I first heard of it to the current $75 per point. So my only regret is that we did not purchase sooner. We have a contract between 150 and 200 points and I am already feeling we did not purchase enough points but with banking and borrowing available and a little creativity, I think we'll do just fine.:D

So to sum it up, my two regrets are not purchasing sooner and not purchasing more points (lol!). I know you will make the best decision for you and your family and if you decide to join then I look forward to welcoming you home soon!

Pilgrim, all the opinions you have received are very true. Our only regret is we didn't buy sooner(99). My sister bought in 95 and we went down with her points a few times in a Grand Villa. Now four of my brothers and sisters are now DVC members. We are hoping to add on 1 more time also.
I am sure you will no regrets.:D
I feel that you should join if you are financially sound. With the economy in a recession one should understand their priorities.

I think it is very important that you will be comfortable traveling to a Disney location for the next 40 years.

With much thought and debate, I am thrilled that we joined last October. We are discussing whether to add on at BCV or not.

These boards are very pro Disney but are an excellent resource for information.

Good luck in your decision making.
I regret waiting and buying at $72 per point instead of £62, plus all the hotel bills later. We didn't know about stuff like adding on and things when we first looked round and thought we needed to buy 450 points there and then which was a lot. We could quite comfortably have bought 250 points then with no financing but, by the time we waited - we ended up buying 150 points costing more and with financing!

If u really want to join do it now - apparently the cost is going up to $80 per point in June!

As someone who is also considering joining DVC, I would like to offer some comments.

The most important difference between DVC and other timeshares, IMO, is that people actually do go to WDW and spend a lot of money on hotels <b>every year</b>.

Whether or not a timeshare makes financial sense for you depends on whether or not you are going to spend the money anyhow.

If I am on vacation I am either visiting family somewhere or I am at WDW, with very rare exceptions. I have stayed off-sight and would rather not do it again. I have camped at FW many times but find that as we can now afford it, the Mod-Deluxe resorts are probably where we will spend most of our future vacations. This being the case, I would be remiss if I did not consider DVC.

OTOH, I would not buy into DVC if I only visited every other year. The <b>value</b> of the system doesn't change, but the price goes up. If you visit WDW every year, DVC will be a big money saver if you spend as little as $1,200-$1,500 per trip on hotels. That means that if you are staying in WDW 'moderates' every year anyway, you are economically better off with DVC (not to mention the upgrade in accommodations).

However, if you are only going every other year, you would have to be spending $2,500-$3,000 on hotels each trip to save a significant amount of money. You have to ask yourself if you would otherwise spend that much on your average trip. Otherwise joining DVC could mean spending more that you would have on vacations, even though you would be getting more than your moneys worth as far as value is concerned.

Of course these are very general numbers, but the point remains. DVC is an excellent <b>value</b>, but it is not a <b>cheap</b> timeshare. If you are going to WDW regularly anyhow, you may save a very large amount of money over the years.

Considering the likelihood of being able to rent out points for cash or sell your membership outright, I don't consider it a bad deal at all.



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