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    Apr 29, 2003
    I am in Orlando for a convention so my options were limited. I wanted to be close to the convention center and in one of the hotels that had the shuttle from the organizers.

    We walked in and I thought oh this is good. We had a bit of a wait checking in. We had a really nice lady check us in. She handed us free drink coupons and said the tower was sold out but we had rooms close together. I was checking in with a co worker. So we were off to the rooms. No one offered to help with the luggage which was a bit odd as we had to walk outside and through the resort but no big deal. The layout was confusing, no direct walk way to the building. We were in building 10. We get in the elevator to go to the second floor and my heart started to sink. It looked like a bad Motel 6. We get off and walk towards the back and, well, just uck. I opened my door and thought omg what have i gotten into? The room was very old, very dark and very dirty. The paint was chipping off the furniture. The furniture was from the 70s, it was painted off white-ish but had been peeling and all scratched up. All I could think of was writting a warning to all the dis-ers out there!

    I walked into the bathroom next. Worse. The toilet had not been flushed. I flushed it and noticed a black ring like it hadn't been cleaned in a very long time. The shower had mildew all over it.

    now I've traveled for business for over 15 years. I have never once asked to change rooms. I called the front desk immediately. I called from my cell phone because the phone in the room had a layer of desk and the handset stunk. They said sorry sold out too bad.

    I called a few other hotels and all were sold out. I met my co worker and we went to the front desk to talk with a manager. He upgraded us to tower rooms but at an additional charge of $40 a night.

    The tower room is much better. However, if I were staying here for personal I would be outraged. The rate is now $179. I would much rather be at Coronado Springs for the price.
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    Aug 14, 2006
    aww man :guilty: im satying at the bloomin sheraton studio city, and that even STATES its a bit retro... damn i hope they flush my toilet otherwise im gonna find the manager and make him see it and upgrade my lil butt to a suite!


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