Sheraton Vistana Villages vs Sheraton Vistana Resort

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  1. Jazcat

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    Jan 5, 2008
    Hi all. I'm sure it's been asked before but can anybody tell us the difference between The Sheraton Vistana Resort and Villages? Up to date info would be great because I think they may have done updates recently. Thanks everybody!
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    Feb 24, 2007
    Vistana Villages is the newer resort of the two Orlando Sheraton timeshare resorts though the villas at Vistana Resort have all been refurbished (the last section to be refurbed, Courts, may be undergoing working right now) so they'll be up to date. The Resort is the larger of the two resorts. Both have excellent resort amenities - childrens' programs, restaurants, fitness rooms, pools, resort stores, tennis courts, basketball courts. Both are at what I'd consider the upper end of timeshare quality in terms of the overall resort experience.

    Vistana Resort, on SR 535, is closer to WDW - it's about 5 miles from Epcot and Hollywood Studios, a few miles further to MK and AK. Vistana Villages, on lower International Drive, is about 7 1/2 miles from Epcot and Hollywood Studios. Both are pretty convenient to Downtown Disney.

    And both are nice resorts.

    Dick Taylor
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    Oct 27, 2010
    This year we were fortunate enough to check in two days early at Sheraton Vistana Resort.(after our bad start at that other place) First two days was Lakes , very large clean!! two bedroom unit , the rest of our stay we were in smaller two bedroom unit Cascades Building 1 right next to the market, about two minutes away from Spas super pool and Zimmies restaurant. Every thing clean and well maintained. This is a very large resort.I meant a few from spas and the were very happy with the new clean units as well. I prefer the area with Zimmies restaurant over the Fountains food court which has basic takeout, Pizza Hut, KFC, A&W. Lakes, Fountains and Spas pool, when we were there were kept immaculate,busy by noon but over crowded. Never really used the Cascades pool , it seemed to be more of a hang out for the younger crowd with children.We tried the courts pool but it was very crowded with small children by noon most days. The renovations and upgrades at this resort are second to none. Very nice clean mostly quite accommodations.

    Last year we were at Vistana Villages , St. Augustine , building 23 which is in the newest section of the villages, brand new two bedroom clean! unit,brand new pool but with very short hours 11amto6 pm??. Villages is far smaller in comparison to the Resort and I know last year a few people we met that were in different sections (older units) were complaining about outdated furniture and appliances.At the main pool there was more than one older person complaining about the kids making noise,it was not even busy because of the weather,so we mostly stayed at the pirate pool and came back there in the evening. If visiting the Villages I would request building 23 , building 24 (which was just opened) . I am not aware if any renovations have been ongoing at Villages. Perhaps someone else would have that information.We ate at only one restaurant last year, not bad.It may be the only one they have at SVV.

    Both these resorts were very clean , security visible day and night, very important and we were treated very well at both facilities. My preference would probably be Sheraton Vistana Resort.(spas pool rec center for the kids) Good luck , safe travels , have a wonderful time.

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