Sheldon's MAW dream come true

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    Sheldon's Dream Come true

    I am new to this Forum. But I read some of the threads and posts here regarding Make-a-wish stories. They are all just absolutely wonderful and most I cried through. I am nervous about our wish. Our Wish Child is 8 years old and has a rare genetic syndrome that has affected many of his members of his family. His father passed away at 31 due to the syndrome. He has been through many things in his little life. We are a large family Sheldon (the wish child) has 4 older siblings and one younger sibling and my husband and I. We are excited and nervous about going. I want to do so many fun things but on a very limited budget. Most of the family is nervous about the flight. Sheldon just had his second unexpected back surgery so we were smart enough to ask for a wheelchair. If anyone has any tips or suggestions I would love it. We are going September 21 - 27th, 2009. We are taking part in the Mickeys not so scary Halloween. ( which is a suprise for the kids only us adults know) So please throw some advice this Way!!

    Let me tell you a little about Sheldon. Sheldon was a suprise. A week after Sheldon's Dad passed away I found out I was pregnant with Sheldon ( who is a spitting image of his dad). Sheldon's dad died in my car after an anuerysm burst in his heart. 7 months later Sheldon was born in my car on the way to the birthing center. ( what a turn of events in my car) anyway he was born Blue, but recooped rather quickly. He was diagnosed witha colapsed lung by the age of 9months and was helicoptered to the closest Childrens Hospital. Since 9 months he has been in and out of the hospital with pneumonia, Bronchitis, RSV, asthma etc. Last year alone in a three month period he ahd 6 surgeries including a spinal fusion. This year he had another spinal surgery and is expected to have these frequently as he grows. He also will have to have a heart surgery soon his heart is enlarged and will need to have parts of it replaced so he can hopefully have a somewhat normal life. Sheldon also has severe allergies. we are pulling him completely off foods in October and putting him only on formula. He is allergic to many foods and also to metals and must wear gloves to do pretty much everything. He is not allowed to do reccess or gym and has to have a full time aide with him at school.(which he misses alot of school anyway) But on the good note Sheldon is a clown he loves to make people laugh he loves ALL animals and is very generous and kind. He has made friends with many people with many different medical issues and feels that he would love to do somehting for them to help them.
    So Sheldon will love Seaworld and animal kingdom. I just want him to enjoy this once in a lifetime thing to the fulliest he can!! Any and all suggestions will be very much appreciated. We are starting our itinarary based off other trips on here and family input.

    I will add a photo once I learn how!! LOL
    Thank you and god bless everyone on here. Not sure yet how to post pics yet but am learning.
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    Mother to:
    Spencer (20), Shelby(17), Sheila (15), Sterling (11), Sheldon wish child (8), and Bekkah (4) And wife to Phil (34)

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