Sharks Underwater Grill® and Bar


It's a bit of a roodie doodie word for lady parts
May 15, 2007
It is a good place to eat in the park?

We went last September and absolutely loved it.

There were four of us and we ate there before Howl o Scream, all four of us enjoyed all three courses of our meal and we’d happily go back again.

We had read some negative reviews before we went, but it was all lovely.


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Feb 14, 2010
It’s great! I try and get a table every time I visit. I like it better than the coral reef cafe at Epcot


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Apr 17, 2011
I have family members with food allergies so we always have dinner there when we visit SW every few years we love it!


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May 1, 2005
It has never had a bad menu as long as we've beeen eating there. The menu has changed several times and Covid gave them a few issues but we love it.
You don't feel as rushed or constricted as Coral Reef which we also love. CR bisque is a bit better to be fair though.


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Dec 30, 2004
It’s great! I try and get a table every time I visit. I like it better than the coral reef cafe at Epcot
The tank is surely better as to size and number of sharks.

CR used to be a must do for us, sadly no longer due to quality of food & menu options.

the bar service at sharks also gets the nod of the two IMO. quite sweet, the Puffin’s Kiss is my favorite there & they donate a portion to Audobon Society


Feb 17, 2009
We ate there and thought it was pretty good. It was right at the end of the pandemic, so that's saying alot in our experience. We plan to try again next visit.

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