Shanghai Disney on weekends

Lesley Wake

Bright Suns
Mar 16, 2017
How crazy is Shanghai Disney on a Sunday-Monday? I was hoping to visit Monday-Tuesday, but my flights are being problematic (I'm booking with miles and business class, so am a bit limited), and I may end up arriving Saturday night instead of Sunday mid-day.


Jan 27, 2015
We visited at the start of November this year.

We found Sunday not bad. Most of the snack kiosks were also not open (they were open, Friday and Saturday though)

Character greeting lines will be noticeably shorter on Monday as the locals who dress up for character greetings will be back to work. Character lines that were 40-60 minutes on Sunday were 5 minute waits on Monday.


Jun 17, 2014
It seems to depend more on what time of year you go. We went on Friday and Sunday in mid-January, and while Sunday was slightly more crowded we walked on to Tron at least a half-dozen times throughout the day. There was never a wait for Pirates, either, and the longest we waited for anything was about 35 minutes for Mine Train right after the parade ended.


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