Shades of Green - Housekeeping


DIS Veteran
Sep 18, 2010
We are planning a trip back to SoG for Marathon Weekend. We were there in February and like most resorts they were not offering any housekeeping services. We had a terrible time getting new towels (were told that if we placed used towels in the hallway they'd be taken away and new ones left inside - we left towels out multiple times...never replaced). We always had to go to the front desk. Same for coffee replacements. We rarely saw housekeeping in the hallways to ask for replacements and so had to go to the front desk to get them. The trash was also annoying. We were able to place it outside the door, but we were never left with can liners to replace it. By the end of our stay, the trash was heaping full.

While housekeeping isn't a huge deal, I missed having it. I like walking back into the room at the end of a park day with fresh towels if needed, coffee supplies there for the morning and a freshly-made bed. The walk to the front desk was a bit long and sometimes there was a lengthy line to wait in. All of these things aren't enough to deter me from staying there (we love SoG), but I would love to have it back.

All that said, has anyone stayed there recently and if so, was housekeeping back? Or any word on when it might return?

I also missed the buffet and am hoping they increase capacity soon (we need two more days for our January trip) but housekeeping was really my biggest wish list item.