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    We are staying at the Shades of Green and instead of bringing a bunch of baby items with us, we are just going to buy them once we arrive. Does the BX sell diapers, milk and snack foods for a baby and other snacks for a few hungry teens who will also be with us or will we need to find our way a local store? ie Publix or Walmart.

    Also if we have to venture off property what would be the quickest and easiest way to go?
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    Yes, SOG has those things. There are some pictures posted somewhere here of the shelves and coolers in the store. Check out the resort by resort threads. You can also call them to verify what they carry.

    For off property, there is at least one of everything in Kissimmee. Part of Kissimmee is 2 minutes from Animal Kingdom. This "west" section has a Super Target and a Publix. Use Sherberth road to access 192 from the entrance to Animal Kingdom Lodge. This route is easy to use and not used by many tourists. You will be in and out in no time!

    EDIT: There is a locked sticky near the top of this resort page with links for all the resort threads

    The pics may be gone since we now have a new thread. Here is the one started in early 2012:

    I remember some pics being contained in an older thread with pics of the shelves and the coolers.

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