Sept 2-6 Disney Wonder, Day 3...(Day 7 of Aug 29-Sept 8 land/sea)

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    Jul 6, 2001

    Me Trudy (39)
    DH Jim (never tells)
    DD Rachel (6)


    We were already docked at Castaway Cay when we got up this morning. We had room service again, and wait for the announcement that we could go ashore. After the anouncement was made we waited another 10 mins, and then headed to deck one. When the elevator doors opened I was surprised to see the area packed with people. They had not started letting anyone off yet, so we joined the wait. About 10 mins later they started letting us off. (that evening there were free drinks at the sail away party to compensate for us getting off late). We had not intended to be, but we were among the first getting off. DD wanted to go straght to Scuttle's Cove to be with the other kids, so we took her there first. Then we caught the first tram to the adult beach.

    We rented a couple of floating mats, and walked to the beach. We got a couple of lounge chairs in the shade of a plam tree right near the bar, and got right into the water. It was perfect. The music was playing at the bar, and we were lounging in the water. After a while I got out to re apply the sun block, and DH napped on his float. While I was out I got us a Konch kooler, and then went back out to DH.... We floated around out there for some time, laughing and talking and just enjoying the terrific weather. About noon we decided to go check on DD and get a bite to eat. We ate first at Cookies and it was pretty good, and then we went to check on DD.... She wanted to stay at first, then I said we could either go to the beach or back to the Ship to swim at Mickeys pool... We Mickeys pool won, so we headed back to the Ship. I stopped off at the Post Office to mail a few post cards. (Which still haven't arrived, It's been 3 weeks) and met up with DD and DH at the pool. The slide was just getting ready to open up. DH decided he needed to go take a real nap in a bed, so he took off, and DD and I stayed at the pool. She really enjoyed the pool, and there wasn't a whole lot of people there so it was quite nice.

    We left the pool about an hour later, and went back to the Stateroom. We all went to see the movie Princess Diaries, But DH decided it wasn't for him and left. DD and I stay until there was about 15 minutes left, and she decided she had had enough also, since I was freezing cold, I didn't mind leaving, but now I'm going to have to rent the movie when it come to VSH just to see the ending. We went back to the stateroom to get ready for dinner, we had a great view of the island from our verandah, so we really enjoyed that. We dressed for dinner, Animators Palet tonight, and went to deck 9 for our free drinks, and to see what was going on with the party, and then went to dinner.

    I can't remember what we ate, but as I don't remember one bad meal, it must have been good. I was a little disappointed with the resturante as a whole, I guess I had unreal expectations as to how they went from Black and White to Color, but it was still pleasent.

    After dinner we went to the Ghost show, which everyone liked, except me. I was too cold, and too tired to really enjoy it.

    DD went to the club and DH and I went to get me a sweater, and then went to Wave Bands for a funny show, where they ask teams to come up with different things, and rush up to get counted. We joined a family of 4 to make the team of 6. It was great fun... DH ended up on the stage with my shoes, my bra, my purse, and lipstick... he loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our team didn't win, because none of us had tattoos, or false teeth.

    We then went to check out the dueling pianos, but they weren't going yet, so we went to check on DD, as usual, she wasn't ready to leave yet, so we left her, and went up to deck 9 to get hot water for tea, and went to sit on the verandah of our stateroom....

    About 11:30 I went to get DD. She was tired now, and didn't take much to get her to leave. She was asleep before her head hit the pillow. She is so afraid she might miss something that she has been staying up much later than normal.

    Another wonderfull day on the WONDER has come to an end...

    Tomorrow is our day at sea, and a surial bath....

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