Sept 2-6 Disney Wonder, Day 2...(Day 6 of Aug 29-Sept 8 land/sea)

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    Jul 6, 2001

    Me Trudy (39)
    DH Jim (never tells)
    DD Rachel (6)

    Woke up this morning about an hour before we docked in Nassau. I called room service for breakfast...and it was delivered in about 30 minutes... DH was just waking up when the food arrived. He was pleasently surprised to be having breakfast on the verandah, couldn't believe that it didn't cost extra. It wasn't much just cereal, tea and juice. We sat on the verandah having our breakfast as the Ship approached Nassau. We saw the pilot boat approach, the pilot boarded the ship almost exactly below was kind of need to watch. I had read on these boards that the ship backed in, and as we got closer I mentioned it to DH... We were so close that I thought they were going to go in front ways, but then all the suddened the boat started turning, it was amazing the way they turned that hugh ship around in such a small area. And we did in fact, back in.

    DH and I had had our first cruise about 5 months ago, and the ship we sailed on was the Ocean Breeze, (tiny compaired to the Wonder) The Ocean Breeze was docked just across from us this morning, and it was neat to see it again.

    We didn't have any firm plans for today. When we were here on the Ocean Breeze we had taken the excursion to the Blue Lagoon... (Which by the way was a wonderful day, and I would recommend it to everyone) So this time we thought we might take a look around Nassau. DD was begging to go back to the club, so we decided to leave her on the ship and go on our own. I had thought she might like a carriage ride, but she was certian she didn't, and only wanted to go to the club.

    So off we went on our own into Nassau.... right off the Ship a taxi driver appoached us for a tour of Nassau and Atlantis, I wasn't interested, but DH was, it was to be 1 1/2 - 2 hours, so I went along. It cost way too much, so be aware. It was really a nice tour, and we had 2 ladies and a couple with a young boy with us, the van was a quite new mercedes, so the trip was comfortable. After the tour we got off at the straw market. ( This was Monday, I think the day before the market burned) We bought a few little things for some of our employees, and we were back on the Wonder for lunch at the Beach Blanket Buffett.

    We went to check on DD, but she didn't want to leave the club, they were getting ready to go see the Island Magic show. Which I had intended to take her to, but she wanted to go with the club. So I skipped the show, and DH and I both went for a nap.

    About 4:30 I went to get DD and insisted that she come with me now, as we were having dinner at Tritons, and I wanted her to be there. She was reluctlant to leave, but she came anyway.

    We met out table mates for the first time. One couple on their own, and a single mom with a son 7 and daughter 3. My DD and the 3 yr old had a great time together. DH had fish again, I don't remember what I had but it was some type of beef, DD had chicken noodle soup and mac & cheese. For desert I had the Creme Brule, not sure what DH had, DD had Mickey Bar. We all enjoyed the meal very much. DH kept talking about how good the food was the whole trip. Our servers were Adale and Tim, and they were very nice, and effecient.

    After dinner we went to the Family Dance, not very many people there, and the music was LOUD!!!! I thought it was way to loud for the little ears there. DD had a good time dancing with DH, and I took pictures... Then DD was ready to go back to the club, but we told her she had to go to the show with us... The show tonight was a man - sorry I can't remember his name - who basically did a stand up routine, I thought he was pretty good, but DD wasn't impressed, so I took her to the club and then came back to see the rest of the show. She missed out on making goo, but she didn't know it.

    After the show we walked around a bit, and went to check on DD, they had just started playing dress up, and she had been waiting to do that FOREVER, (since she saw the planning video several months ago) So we let her stay. We walked back to the stateroom, and DH climbed in bed, but not before I could rescue the Towel animal...a snake I think... and put it on DD's bed so she could have a little surprise. About 11 I headed back to the club alone to get DD.... she still wasn't ready, but she came with me anyway.... by the time we got back to the stateroom she barley noticed the snake, before she got into bed and was sound asleep.

    Tomorrow: Castaway Cay....

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