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Discussion in 'Budget Board' started by raysnkaysmom, Aug 23, 2004.

  1. raysnkaysmom

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    Aug 15, 2004
    I had looked into the land/sea package and found the 4 day land, 3 day sea for $3100.... do ya'll think I could get it better if I did it seperate? I'd like to stay at Disney'll be the 3rd week of Feb...
  2. ceecee

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    Apr 6, 2001
    Does that include airfare or transfers? The best thing to do is price is all seperately and then see the difference.
  3. travelin' tigger

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    Oct 31, 2001
    Sometimes packages contain things that you won't be using, but are paying for anyway. As ceecee said, price things out separately and do a comparison. Things like tickets can be found thru discount brokers, plus PHs never expire. Say you go for 5 days and buy a 5 day PH+, but only spend 4 days in the parks and 1 day at TL. With the PH you still have days left vs. the UPH which expires when you check out and is sometimes costlier.

    Also you can get discounts at resorts with AAA, special codes, etc. It pays to do your research and shop around.

    Hope this helps - let me know if you have any questions!!! :teeth:
  4. mad4themouse

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    Mar 11, 2001
    With the land/sea packages, the type of resort you will be in is tied to the level of stateroom that you will be cruising in. Those staying in Categories 12 thru 8 (the least expensive staterooms) have their choice from the moderate resorts. Those in Categories 7 thru 4 are offered their choice of deluxe hotels, but cannot choose the GF. Those in Categories 3 and above are offered land accommodations in the GF.

    You can get better prices for your land portion of the trip if you choose to go with a value resort instead of a moderate or a moderate instead of a deluxe. You'll even do better if you have a room-only code for your stay, since the "value" of your land portion is based on rack rates. You might even want to extend that land portion by a few days if you can get a good rate. Or you may want to make a reservation at a hotel in Port Canaveral for the night before you cruise so that you're already at the port on the morning of departure.

    You will also save money by purchasing PHs or PHPs instead of the the the UPHs that come with the package. Chances are very good that you will have little or no time to visit the parks on your embarkation day. The port is a 1-hour drive from WDW and you will want to be there well before the 1pm checkin time. Lines form early and many cruisers like to get aboard as early as possible in order to have lunch, get oriented and make dinner reservations at Palo's.

    The Disney transportation from portal to portal is wonderful and they do handle all of your baggage very efficiently. However, for the cost, you could rent a car and park it in the parking lot at the port for the same or less. That allows you the freedom of having your own transportation while in WDW and you will not have to rely on Disney's schedule to get you to your destinations.

    Finally, BOOK YOU OWN AIRFARE! I live very close to the Philadelphia airport, which offers many direct flights to MCO as well as connecting flights in major airports like Charlotte and Atlanta. The first cruise that DH and I did (not a Disney cruise) was booked thru a package which included the airfare. They put us on some little two-prop plane to fly from Philly to Dulles in Washington DC. The flight took longer than it would have taken us to drive the distance! We then connected in Dulles to a jet that took us to MCO. I swore I would never purchase airfare as part of a package again! You loose too much control over your travel and the two-prop gave both of us pounding headaches that pretty much ruined our day.

    We've done the Disney cruise twice and loved it! I'd do it a 3rd time but the costs are pretty hefty, even though you are getting 3 great meals per day and your entertainment is included.
  5. wintermom

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    Feb 22, 2003
    Price it each way, I have done the land/sea twice and have
    a third trip booked. I would like to do them seperatly since
    I am adding on a few days but there is no way I can match
    their price even with a discount of PH tickets and AAA .

    I always book the airfare and transfers myself because I think
    you save money there but when the land/sea for 3 was
    $3100 for a catagory 6 and delux resort there was no way to
    match it without the package.


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