Sedentary --> WDW Half Marathon 2014 – Possible?

Discussion in 'W.I.S.H' started by NinoBeharBR, Feb 10, 2013.

  1. NinoBeharBR

    NinoBeharBR Earning My Ears

    Feb 9, 2013
    Sedentary --> WDW Half Marathon 2014 – Possible?

    Hey guys! My first post!

    My name is Nino, 24 years old, and Im from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Im a 6th year medical student, BIG Disney fan, grew up in a Disney family. I know the DISboards for a while, but I’ve always been a reader, never registered.

    Story told lets get down to business. I have never been very interested in athletics and with time and studies my sedentary lifestyle eventually led to obesity and my health started to get threatened. Moreover, these last years I saw the health of my parents and their dificulties. My mother had to undergo a bariatric surgery due to her weight and my father had a heart attack by being overweight and other comorbities. I don’t want that for my life. So my new years resolution was to lose weight, start some physical activity and get healthy. Just to set as a parameter, today (2/10/2013) my weight is 120kg (264 pounds) and Im 1.77m (5’11’’ I guess, I don’t realy know how to do the conversions).

    I went to a doctor, started a diet but I still needed a physical activity. Then last week I found out about runDisney and the WDW marathon and half marathon. Last week browsing the web I read the WDW Marathon weekend. I found the incentive I needed. But how to do it? Is it possible for someone who has never ran before to complete a half marathon? Im I crazy even for considering it?

    I started reading about it and I found the C25k program. I intend to start this week or at the most the next week, but first I want to solve some potential problems. I dance for two years now (every Sunday for 5 hours) barefoot and over time I developed a pain in my right foot. I think it might be plantar fasciitis or heel spur. I have scheduled a orthopedist for this week to see what is happening and how to treat it so I can get started as soon as possible.

    I have some questions and need some advices, that’s why I created this thread:

    1. Im I being stupid or is it realy possible for a sedentary who never ran to do a half marathon?
    2. Is the C25k program the right one for me to begin? Any other suggestions?
    3. Right now I don’t enrolled in a gym, so I intend to run in a park near my house. Is it better to run on the street or on a treadmill? I havent found anything about this.
    4. After finishing the C25k program what should I do? Any suggestions? I’ve heard about the Jeff Galloway programs, are they good? How to go from 5k to the Half?
    5. When does the WDW marathon registrations begin? I read that they run out very fast, is that true?
    6. Tomorrow Im buying my first running shoes. Any advice?
    7. I own an Iphone and found out a lot of C25k apps. Can anyone recommend me a good one?
    8. Any other advices? Suggestions? Any help Ill be very thankful!

    I guess that’s it! Sorry for the long post and for the bad english. Ill probably make a diary in the Diary section, but I posted this here for the questions. I hope there’s no problem.

    Thank you again!

    Nino :banana:
  2. HootDad

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    Aug 23, 1999
    Hi Nino,

    I went from being a non-runner to doing the 2013 half marathon in less time than you have. My journal is here.That said, on the one side while I too am overweight (about 25 lbs), I also have been fairly active exercise-wise for many years. Then again, I'm over twice as old as you. Bottom line - I think it is definitely do-able. I don't have answers to your specific questions but I do have one strong bit of advice - use Jeff Galloway's "run-walk-run" method. I bought his book "Half Marathon - You Can Do It!" and I can honestly say that, without the advice in this book, I'm not sure I would have been able to do it.

    Go for it and good luck!
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  4. Terapin

    Terapin DIS Veteran

    Aug 20, 2007
    I went from a non-runner to my first half-marathon is just over a year. Then I did Goofy a few months later :-).

    Here is a link to my journal:

    Doable, but you have to stay committed and watch out for injuries. Eat really well, and research things as you go along.

    Good luck! Start a journal on here if you think that might help.
  5. Ariel484

    Ariel484 DIS Veteran

    Dec 27, 2011
    Hi Niño! :)

    1. YES, it is possible! If you train smart, stay healthy and follow your training plan I think you can do it.
    2. I used the C25K plan when I first started running and it worked really well for me. There is a Couch-to-5K support thread in the WISH section of the should check it out!
    3. I think in general it's better to do as many of your runs outside as possible. The treadmill sort of helps you along with the belt, it's a softer surface, and it won't give you changes in elevation (unless you adjust the incline) or wind resistance you'd get if you run outside. Plus running on the treadmill is BORING! :) Since the Disney half is your ultimate goal you want to train on a similar surface so you're all set for race day, so I think outside is your best bet.
    4. I used a Jeff Galloway program to train for my first half and it worked for me. You'll want to start the program so that it takes you up to race day - for example if it's a 12-week program count backward 12 weeks from the WDW half and start it then. If you get the Galloway plan from I think it will actually have the dates printed on it. After you successfully complete C25K you could maybe train for a 10k and run that at home...that should help you get ready for half training, it will give you race day experience and you can use the time for corral placement at the WDW half. :)
    5. Registration opens April 9. The race will sell out, but not right away. However, the earlier you register the cheaper the registration cost will be.
    6. Buy your shoes from a running store! They should help you pick out the best shoes for your feet. Use the shoes for running only and keep track of how many miles you have on them...a good pair should last you 350-500 miles. If you run in old shoes you could get injured, so this is important!
    7. I don't use the apps, sorry! :)
    8. Hmm...well, the first few weeks may be tough. Don't get discouraged! And don't worry about your pace just yet...when you are first starting out the most important thing is to get out there and move 3-4 times per week. As a med student I think the biggest challenge for you will be figuring out no to fit your training in with everything else you are doing, so my biggest suggestion is to find a training plan that will work with your schedule and STICK TO IT.

    Maybe you could look into joining a running group in your area as well?

    GOOD LUCK!! Running at Disney is really will love it. :)
  6. indygirl99

    indygirl99 Choose Happiness

    Mar 16, 2012
    YES you can do the half marathon.

    I started running June 24 at age 49. I was 100 pounds overweight and have NEVER run before in my life. Less than 7 months later I ran/walked the Tinker Bell half marathon in Disneyland and COMPLETED it in the upright position with no injuries and spent the rest of the day enjoying the parks.

    Jeff Galloway has several programs and you can download to your Iphone.

    Go for it.
  7. Diskidatheart

    Diskidatheart DIS Veteran

    Aug 10, 2009
    You have plenty of time to train for the Half Marathon in Disney. As others have said, the most important thing is to buy a good pair of running shoes. Go to a running store, not just any Sporting Goods store as most of the employees there are just an average person (not in all cases, but you don't want to chance it). Go to a running store and they will analyze the way you walk, the way you run, and fit you with the perfect shoe.

    Most of the C25k programs are very similar, so look at a few and find the one that appeals to you. Keep in mind though that most of the C25k programs assume that you will run a 5k in 30 minutes, so the goal of these programs is to get you to run 30 minutes, not necessarily 5k, but that is an accomplishment in itself when you've never run before.

    Also, if you do start losing a lot of weight, you may want to look into new shoes at that time. Your foot size may change significantly if it's enough weight.
  8. BernardandMissBianca

    BernardandMissBianca Rum makes math fun! Moderator

    Feb 18, 2005
    Nino, I highly recommend the Jeff Galloway app. I have used the ease in 5K app but like others had said, it's set up to make you run the whole way. I've been running on and off for 2 years at 75 pounds overweight and I still can't run a whole 5k.
    Jeff has several apps, the 5k, a 10K, a half marathon and a full marathon. Start with the 5K, and work your way up.

    I also agree with the previous poster, do not go to any store to get shoes, especially if you are already having issues with your feet. Try to find a running store where they can fit you. Also talk to your doctor about shoe recommendations. I have PF (plantar fasciitis) and I lucked out because my podiatrist is a runner too. He really helped get me back to running pain free.

    Good luck with your plan! I know you can do it!

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  9. helloirishkitty

    helloirishkitty DIS Veteran

    May 14, 2007
    YES YES YES!!!! You can :)

    I went from completely sedentary, desk job, 100lbs overweight in April 2012 and ran the Tower of Terror 10 miler in September 2012. I kept it up, got a personal trainer, lost 60lbs, and will be running the Princess next weekend.

    It can totally be done. Just takes a little bit of perserverance :)

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