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    Hello everyone,

    Myself and my wife have a trip to Orlando planned and we leave in 17 days. (17 days! Woohooo!!)

    We have decided, rather last minute, to add a day at Seaworld on our first day. I am travelling with my own ECV and haven't been to Seaworld in 7 years so can't remember at all what to do! Do I need to go see Guest Services and obtain a pass of some description, or is it like Disney and the scooter covers the mobility issues? And what about access to rides and shows etc?

    Is it worthwhile buying a front of line access unlimited pass thingie or will I be able to stay in my ECV until boarding? I can't stand for long enough to line up without it.

    Thanks for your advice!

    17 days! Woohoo! :D
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    Their disability guide on their website is pretty extensive. They also have you fill out a questionnaire that you turn in to guest services. Your responses on that will tell you what you can and cannot go on. I looked into the questionnaire when we went with my autistic son but it was all mobility and physical related, not cognitive.

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