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    Aug 26, 1999
    I noticed which brands of scooters (ECVs)were commonly used this week at WDW. There were more ECVs rented in parks than I remembered. Saturday, I went to the MK around 11:00 and was planning to check availability, out of curiosity, but there was such a long line, I didn't. However, it did appear that all the people standing in line were getting ECVs, rather than being turned away. The primary brand (including mine) was Buena Vista. Close to 90% of all scooters were either in-park rentals or BV rentals. Scooter bug was next, I asked someone about theirs and they were pleased. I only saw a couple others-yellow or Walker. I was surprised to only see 2 Walker Scooters all week. Just thought I'd share this in case anyone wants to know what the popular brands are.
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    Good to know and thanks for sharing.

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