School has started, I'll miss you all.


Kaki Gori veteran
Sep 16, 1999
Every year the same thing, during the summer I surf here all the time. Summer is wonderful, waking up whenever, showering whenever (but before DH comes home!), eating whenever and for however long I want, playing with my kitties, reading, and surfing until all hours.


Tomorrow my sweet little angels:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: will be coming back to school for a new school year. And that is the end of my Dis'ing for long periods of time. I have about 150 kids this year! (I teach high school French) So, I have to say, summer is over and I can't be around as much. I'll miss that and you all.
Sonya....grade a paper, dis a little....grade a paper, dis a little! We are all about to go from 0 to 60...but we will still find the time for eachother! Have fun with your (OMG) 150 kids!!!
Bon chance, ma cher :)

You will just have to DIS extra on the weekends!

I wish you lived near me, I need to practice my French

Tres bien!;)

Good luck with the new year. When school begins, it seems to affect almost everyone on here, whether you are a student, teacher, work in a school, or just a parent. :(
have a great year!!

4th day of school and I'm MAJORLY feeling the DIS withdrawal!
I nee dot be in bed...I'm EXHAUSTED but I gotta get some post in!
this is one of my first posts on the CB since i started school! :(
I post like 5 times a day!!(if I'm lucky!) :( :(

I guess weekends will be my best friends! :teeth:
DOn't be a total stranger!!! :) Best of luck to ya! :)
Thanks! Well the 1st day is over and it was interesting. My freshmen were so cute, scared of everything. The rest, whom I'd had last year, were happy to see me. For about 5 minutes. Then they reverted back to their old selves, loud and obnoxious as ever. Thank goodness for chocolate!
:wave: We'll miss you, too!

Here's hoping you have the best students of your career so far this year!

Take care.


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