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    Apr 23, 2000
      Hello Friends. . .   

        Well, it has certainly been a very tragic and trying week for everyone here on the DIS.   Our nation is still in shock from the unprecedented and horrific attack on our country and our fellow citizens in New York and Washington, and I'm sure we have all felt a wide range of strong emotions; bewilderment, confusion, sadness, anger, frustration, fear, and a great sense of loss-  both for the victims and for our own personal sense of safety and innocence. . .

         None of us knows how this attack on our country was pulled off, nor do we know what steps will be taken to address it, but we should all know that we live in a very strong and resilient nation, and we will have the courage, faith, determination, and national character to stick together and make whatever sacrifices are necessary to deal with those responsible for this tragedy, then rebuild and recover.  The main objective of terrorism is to disrupt and instill fear, and while it has temporarily done just that, we must, and will, get up off the deck and do whatever it takes to minimize the affects of Tuesdays attacks.  

        It will take time, and much of what will happen is out of the hands of ordinary citizens, but as we move in that direction, we felt that for tonight's chat we would do what we can to not only honor the victims, the rescue workers, and the men and women in charge of investigating and carrying out a response to this attack, but also give us all a place to reconnect and offer some support for each other and those who will soon stand in the gap to protect each of us, our freedom, and the safety of our land.

       We ask each of you tonight in their honor and in remembrance of those we've lost to bring a candle with you to chat.  We will light them all at 9:15 EST and keep them burning for the duration of our time together.  

       We also respectfully request that this chat be a place of honor, reverence, respect and unity.  God bless each and every one of us and God Bless America.

    So invite your family and friends and please accept our invitation to join your chat hosts Sonjarella and WillyJ. and your fellow DIS'ers this Saturday night in the Main Chat Lobby at 9PM EST.

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